11 May 2016

Come join us on 18 and 19 May to watch the next iteration for Google’s software, services and devices.

07 Apr 2016

We're back from San Francisco and keen to share our learnings with you! Sign up for next Thursday's Open Night.

22 Mar 2016

To give you real-time, local access to this year’s Build Keynote, we'll be livestreaming the address at The Quarterdeck on Wednesday, 30 March 2016.

15 Mar 2016

On Monday, 21 March 2016 Apple wants to ‘loop you in’ to their latest product shifts, with pundits predicting three key developments to look out for.


31 Mar 2016

If messaging (and bots) are the new run-time, where and how does MS fit in?

29 Mar 2016

Another year, another //build/ conference and as expected immedia will be on the ground taking in as much as we can.

18 Feb 2016

This being our very first Design Indaba, there is an awful lot about this world that I do NOT know and my opinions and impressions may be completely, totally dead wrong - but I am hoping it's funny and gives anyone reading a sense of how a DI virgin experienced it.

02 Feb 2016

Big data is all the rage, but what does that mean in real terms in 2016 and is it just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the implications for privacy protection and the unchecked harvesting of consumer experiences?

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