There are many things that make us human.

Childhood is one. Humans have a longer childhood than any other species.
Childhood is magical – it’s when we believe in things we can’t yet explain…

like, “do you believe in fairies?

Preserving our sense of wonder and curiosity is a fundamental part of what makes immedia different to other teams. But by being disciplined in working together, we create meaningful outcomes for our clients.

In today’s complex, interdependent, human world, we can only progress by choreographing knowledge, skill and data together in service to the reason for being for our products.

A single voice is achingly beautiful. A choir is majestic and moving. You cannot move the world alone.

Individually, you are extraordinary; together, we are magical.

Only together.

Now be magical.

everyone I know is running off somewhere, still the deep blue sea
is right in front of me…

We do what we love, where we love to be – whether that’s Durban, Johannesburg or anywhere else immedia places its footprint.

Having a purpose and a sense of place is the only way you do great work. It’s not only what you do, but the impact you make on your world as a consequence of doing it with passion.

In our lifetime, the world has reached escape velocity on a new way of doing things; a future in which technology unifies us again into one single human race – not the ethnicity, religion, gender or orientation we were born into.

For the things that make each of us human are universal and programmed into us by millennia of evolution, of nature’s iteration and improvement.

The future is about people, about being human and about you being you.

everything we are is everything we feel

and people are human, not machines. We are not just algorithms or code. We feel, we hurt, we love.

We build things, we create tools, we shape tomorrow because we care – we naturally inform people of things that are useful to them. It’s what makes us different from other living things, its what makes us “human”.

The first wave of information technology allowed us to spread the message; this new wave allows us to transmit the emotion, the opinion, the call to action. Witness the social media fuelled exposés across the world – from Cosby to Ferguson to Snowden to Nkandla…

What are we going to do with everything we feel?

love’s the only thing we have

Because now we can do something. And you could focus on the hate, the divide, the injustice of people – or you can focus on community and caring and love.

At immedia, we are committed to thinking and improving and becoming better technologists and converged innovators in service to a better future for ourselves, better opportunities for ourselves, and better satisfaction for ourselves in the impact that we have in the world around us.

We believe that by changing our community, we change our city, and so our country and so our continent… and if we do that, maybe we have changed the world?

don’t forget the little things

It’s not about the big things, it’s little people doing the little things that change the world. Because you only do the little things when you care and love what you do. I don’t need to know if you love what you do. I see it in the work, in the progress and our courage to tackle the little, big, things.

thank you for all the hard work this year. Next year promises to be awesome with just the landscape we already know, and there is so much more waiting to be discovered and learned in the new year coming.

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” – Carl Sagan.

I look forward to us showing off all our hard work at Open Night tonight to a special audience, people we love, and then spending Saturday with the team.


We are currently recruiting for the following positions:

essential competencies

  • Experience as an IT support technician and directly supporting end-users, both face-to-face and remotely
  • Experience troubleshooting & upgrading desktop/workstation and server hardware
  • Experience installing, maintaining and supporting corporate network environments
  • Comprehensive knowledge of Windows and Apple operating systems
  • Experience troubleshooting and setting up mobile devices

essential competencies

  • Experience with software development best practices
  • Extensive experience with QA techniques and methodology (regression, usability, sanity and functional testing methods)
  • Experience with manual/functional test execution
  • Strong communication and facilitation skills
  • Experience having developed, designed, implemented, maintained and enhanced test plans, test scripts and test methodologies

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