The value of voice

Radio has always been dependent on the studio phone lines to maintain a thin connection and narrow aperture to the outside world. To the extent that there was a return path, this was it. Things are better these days with … Continue Reading

Modern radio could be so much more

Of all of the media types that have been disrupted by technology over the past decade or two, radio is unique in its ability to claim a relevance and even lead the way to the future. If only we would … Continue Reading

And the Beat goes on…

Why radio may be exciting again. Some rough thoughts on Beats 1 and its potential impact on local radio.

View from the Top Vol. 1 Episode 6 – Kanthan Pillay

It is 3 am on 6 June 2011 in San Francisco, California. Down the road at Moscone Center, hundreds of pilgrims have been camped out on the sidewalk since around 8 pm yesterday.