20 years ago today since we got the band to play … And still Foolish!

20 years ago on 1 April I incorporated my first real business, icon summer which became immedia when merged with ECA back at the turn of the century.

ECA itself was also incorporated on 1 April the same day. It wasn’t coincidence that this was so, for we both had the same accountant*.

ECA was a geeky ISP that couldn’t talk Human, icon summer was a flower power spirit adept at storytelling. We needed both the art and the science to have an impact on people and today the immedia ecosystem sits at the nexus of the tension between art and science. And that’s what makes us special.

Our diversity, and our courage to live it, is our secret to creating truly innovative products, prime amongst them immedia itself. And I personally love coming to work with you all.

Thank you all for everything you do for each other and our clients. And our thanks to all the people who have come and gone who contributed a thread to our story.

It’s not a small achievement to keep the doors open for 20 years and grow from just 2 people to over 40.

I am inspired by what we have been able to do. I hope that after 20 years of work one day you too will be able to look back and say, “I made a difference and an impact on my world.”

I look at all of you and I know we have made an impact.

Happy April Fool’s Day my foolish ones. Here’s to the next 20!


* see, accountants do make an impact on the course of history!