In the rush to be first with WWDC ‘news’, everyone‘s missing the point

I should’ve had a blog post up with ‘analysis’ and ‘opinion’ just after the WWDC keynote… I didn’t. Here’s why.

Thoughts on Microsoft’s big bets on bots

If messaging (and bots) are the new run-time, where and how does MS fit in?

Thoughts on the App Store

Will Phil Schiller taking over responsibility for the App Store help fix it?

Should we even bother with 3D Touch? (and thoughts on the iPhone 6s)

Apple is selling 3D Touch (very) hard, but the inconsistent implementation across apps is a big problem. That, and we’ve arguably just scratched the surface of what should be possible.

Thoughts on the Apple Watch

What is it most useful for? Should you get one? Some ideas, after wearing one for a month…

Wait… is Microsoft cool again?

Something strange happened during the Microsoft Build 2015 keynote on Wednesday. I suddenly felt excited to use Windows again. It just looks so good.