Android Material design tips

At Open Night, I presented design tips for developers who would like to create great Android apps.

iOS Design Tips for Developers

Passing Apple’s specific UI requirements can be tough so here are a few tips to help design your iOS development projects.

Colour and Development

For those who missed Open Night, here’s the essence of what I spoke about because face it we were there to learn and teach as well.

General principles for designing on any platform

Some over-arching principles of digital design that you need to know as a developer.

immedia at the Google Launchpad Build event

Firebase – Google Launchpad Build event

Thabiso shares his learnings Firebase learnings from Google’s first South African Launchpad Build event.

Why diversity is so important to us

At immedia, as it is out in the world, diversity is our source of magic.

WPC 2016 – embracing change

I was filled with such pride sitting in a massive auditorium in a crowd of 20 000 people watching our team being featured on the four giant screens!

WPC 2016 – a trip of firsts

When I found out that I was going to attend WPC, I already knew how valuable this experience would be to me.

In the rush to be first with WWDC ‘news’, everyone‘s missing the point

I should’ve had a blog post up with ‘analysis’ and ‘opinion’ just after the WWDC keynote… I didn’t. Here’s why.

Let’s Swift again, like we did last summer

In 2014 when I first wrote a Swift app, little did I know that the growing pains of the new language would cause much frustration and reluctance into any further uptake over the two years that followed…

Swift Playgrounds from Apple

Introduced by an impressive nine year old on stage, Swift Playgrounds let’s children or children at heart learn to code on their iPads.

Lunch on keynote day

It was a sombre Monday morning in San Francisco as the immedia team waited in line for the Apple keynote to start.