sandileimmedia client Suncoast Casino and Entertainment World, has embarked on a nippy new social networking campaign. Brand Manager Sandile Xolo tells us how it’s doing…


Q. What was the big idea behind the promotion?

A. The idea was centred on creating an irresistible Value Offer for our target market. Some of the key considerations around achieving this aim were: The offer had to be really good; the messaging had to be simple and there had to be no possible barriers i.e. the process to purchase and use the offer must be simple.

Q. How does it form part of Suncoast’s broader marketing strategy?
A. Our broader marketing strategy is; To attract new visitors to Suncoast and retain current customers, while encouraging them to spend and visit more. The Big Deal Combo answered both these strategic objectives, as it attracted new customers and also activated repeat visits and spend from our existing Club Festival members.

Q. What are the mechanics of this current promotion?
A. The mechanics are purposefully very simple, namely purchase a booklet from the Big Deal Combo Desk at Suncoast and redeem the vouchers at the various participating retailers from Monday to Thursday.


Q. What results have you experienced as a result of this campaign?
A. The results as of week five, with three more weeks to go are that we have sold 5 257 Booklets; have seen 4 388 customers being reactivated through taking up gaming vouchers, and a further 682 have entered our program.

Q. Key insights as to why this campaign is working so well, that will shape your future promos?
A. Strong concept, good offers, simple message, good advertising support (radio, print, online & below the line).