a generation of youth boycott school and university in protest against an inhuman education system and a totalitarian State that brutally subjugated them

These children of separation sparked a mass democratic movement that 14 years later won freedom for all people of South Africa

In the long autumn and winter of 1980 a single anthem pulsed from the townships of the oppressed

The dream of freedom was short-lived

Because the World was descending into Babylon

Humans we trapped in an increasingly rapid global descent into a mass system of dehumanisation driven by a surveillance capitalist system that brought dignity to a few and servitude to the rest

But technology is just a tool –
to be used to build or destroy, divide or unite, keep ignorant or educate…

a new generation of youth decided to not simply protest a system…

but to hack it.

To go over the top of obsolete education and brutal economic systems to a new way

Adopting the activism and anthem of the past they called themselves the Children of the Cloud and invited all to join in building a new human future in their communities