Computicket has taken another giant leap into their bright digital future with the advent of Computicket for Android which was launched late last month to extremely positive reviews…



This is because the new app allows for a far more intuitive human experience by the user and its ‘personality’ can best be described as stunning and Intuitive. immedia Team Leader Android Development Nishern Govender says that “At the beginning of the design process, we were briefed by Computicket to develop an app that was clean, un-cluttered and a pleasure to look at. The design therefore makes use of colours and images that are crystal clear and therefore extremely easy on the eye,” enthuses Govender.

He surmises that the current buoyancy within the Android space stems from one of the biggest benefits of this particular mobile ecosystem, namely that end users are spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding on the kind of Android device they want to use, as they come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

This benefit makes the design and development process slightly longer and somewhat challenging when compared to other platform’s as one has to make sure an app not only looks great but also works well on various screen sizes and in different orientations. With the new Computicket app, based on our research and knowledge of user interface design, we were able to define different screen layouts and interaction for different screen sizes to ensure optimal user experience,” he explains.

The Computicket app is distributed to end users via Google’s app download centre – the Android Market. This is against the backdrop of a rapidly increasing number of locally developed and targeted apps in the Android Market.

Govender says this is due to the ‘open’ nature of Android development tool requirements and the cheaper annual Android Market fees. “This has resulted in rapidly rising engagement of developers with this ecosystem space and Android app development is now seen an attractive alternative to Apple’s offering.

“Apple may have had a head start in the app development race internationally and in South Africa, but with the benefits I have mentioned it’s advisable to watch this space!”