The next exciting step in the evolution of one of immedia’s most progressive clients Computicket has just been made…


The launch of the new iPad App forms part of a broader strategy for developing immedia’s place in South Africa’s post-PC sector. As a leading post-PC design specialist, it’s gearing up to be an app development studio across all major platforms.

Against that backdrop, immedia Head iOS Developer Kishyr Ramdial, says “The iPad app demonstrates our ability to deploy our clients multi app platform offerings in a coherent and efficient manner. He describes Computicket for iPad as hugely important within the rapidly evolving mobile lifestyle. “In light of that, we’re really proud of this release as it represents the culmination of months of hard work by both Computicket and immedia it was the logical next step after the development of the iPhone app which has been a massive success. This is because the iPad lends itself to that ‘leanback’ exploration which means the new iPad app now has a lot more rich visual material.”

Key features include the fact that the iPad’s app, like its iPhone sibling, lets users book and discover events quickly and easily. Not only can users check out Computicket’s featured events, but they can also search and browse by category, by venue, and by location.

The “Near Me” feature uses the device’s built-in location frameworks to figure out where you are (with your permission) and display all sorts of events happening around you in a specific time frame. Those events can then be further filtered down to category.

Kishyr says the immedia development team also focused a lot on personalisation within the app and put in a great “My Computicket” bar on the main screen. This lets users choose up to five of your favourite categories or venues and very easily see what events match that criteria.

“We hope to learn a lot about how users use this app in its initial, first-version release, and then continually improve the app for a better user experience,” he adds.