Head Start FAQs

how do i know if i’m ready for an internship?

  • You’ve spent more than 12 years of your life in school, and are ready as you’ll ever be for the freedom and responsibilities of adult life.
  • You’ve had all the preparation time you need, and are ready to start applying what you’ve learnt to fix real-life problems and make this world a better place.
  • You want the opportunity to work on challenging projects, to earn your stripes and to become a valued and trusted member of a team.

why should i complete my internship at immedia?

immedia is a technology ecosystem headquartered in Umhlanga, that offers services that includes software development, technical support and connectivity.

Our immedia Studio team creates apps for Android, iOS, Tizen and Windows devices through deep skills in native app development (Java, Objective-C/Swift, Windows 10), API development (Ruby and .NET), UI design, and web development (PHP, Javascript, HTML/CSS).

In addition to creating products for clients like SuperSport, the Springboks and Computicket, we have an exciting history of creating careers, with many of our leaders having been developed through our developmental programmes and internships.

We love working with people who are passionate about the latest technology, who are curious about new ideas and know that learning never ends, who work towards making a difference – no matter what their role is.

If that’s you, you will thrive in our environment.

how does head start work?

Head Start (as its name suggests) can commence before you complete your final year of studies.

  1. Apply for Head Start when registrations are open.
  2. If you are successful in the interview process, you will spend some time with us in your mid-year break getting to know us, our projects and our environment.
  3. Once your final semester starts, you will work remotely on lightweight tasks with your mentor so that you are getting ready to join us. Remember though, at this stage your primary responsibility is your studies!
  4. Once you submit your final project or write your final exam/test, you commence a remote period, immersed in our team full-time.
  5. During Head Start, you will be exposed to various languages and ways of thinking through structured sessions.
  6. Please note that the process works differently if your qualification has a mandatory Work Integrated Learning component that you must complete in order to graduate.

As with every selection process, not every applicant can be selected for Head Start. If you aren’t selected, we urge you to complete your internship elsewhere, and apply for other roles at immedia once they become available. 

how do i apply?

  1. Complete the Head Start application form.
  2. If you are shortlisted, a quick interview will be set up with you.

who can apply?

  • You need to be in your final year of studies to apply, or a recent graduate.
  • You must also be able to accept an offer of full-time employment next year because, if you’re ready, we will want you to come join our team!
  • If you are a citizen of a country other than South Africa, you must be willing to apply for a critical skills visa/work permit should an offer of employment be made to you.

when can i apply?

what can i do to learn more from immedia, if i’m still studying?

  • Come join us between November and February for Summer School!
  • Attend our regular Open Night sessions where we share what we learn with the dev community and tech enthusiasts. Subscribe here.

do i even need an internship? can’t i just apply for a job?

Internships are an in-between phase that can get you ready for the accountability that comes with thriving in the workplace.

Through your tertiary studies, you would have learnt hard skills, such as the fundamental building blocks of a programming language, and most importantly: you’ve learnt how to learn, or how to acquire new knowledge that can be applied to a general problem.

Once you’re employed, you’ll be expected to deliver against a specific requirement within an allocated time, so there’ll be an added component to consider.

But what about your transition from being a student to being an employee? You will need to learn new skills like how to read your payslip, or how to submit your tax return. What about writing a report or a formal email to a client? Or how to collaborate with senior colleagues, or executives?

Being a good employee is not just about knowing your code. It’s about being a good player in the ecosystem.

more questions?

Email headstart@immedia.co.za, or call us on 031 566 8000.

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