A key strength of the app is the quality of the content created by the 24-hour news hounds in the SABC newsrooms resulting in seriously smart, short sharp coverage of local and international breaking news, as well as the sports, business, entertainment and political sectors.

Where immedia came in, was delivering this content in an easy-to-use, flexible manner. The design of the SABC News app therefore boasts a host of useful features, such as key word notification that will allow you to receive alerts on news that you’re particularly interested in.

Looking at the significance of this latest launch, immedia Head Strategist Anice Hassim says, “Our team has trained intensively during the past two years, including one-on-one sessions with Apple engineers during the company’s annual World Wide Developer Conference. This has equipped us to undertake the development of local apps, such as the one that we’ve developed for SABC News.

We have spent months perfecting the app’s look and feel to ensure that the design lends itself to an easy, flexible operation that allows users to cherry pick the real time news that they require. This approach also ensures highly-targeted reach for SABC’s news content, in a way that has not been possible before.”