immedia Studio is looking for experienced intermediate to senior iOS developers with more than three years’ experience, to be involved in every aspect of building and maintaining native iOS apps for our broad and diverse range of clients.  

We are immedia: a unique, human-centered, customer-oriented ecosystem that has been headquartered in Umhlanga, South Africa for 24 years. Our software development team, immedia Studio, has developed Fabrik, our “Born in the Cloud” communications platform through which various organisations can securely engage with their clients or members. These organisations vary from media organisations to schools, and from residential communities to business networks.

Core to our product development approach is a respect for data privacy – a central component of our product’s identity, and an imperative in a global marketplace in which our consumers’ trust of technology has been diminished.

Our mission is to bring ease, compliance and trust to our clients through our platform of services, which includes web applications, audio streaming and mobile apps.

The natively-developed mobile apps include messaging features such as push notifications, rich media support, group chat and more. The messaging management component is a web-based application that collects and delivers messaging across multiple messaging streams. The apps also deliver live and on-demand audio and video over all connection types, underpinned by Microsoft Azure’s hosting services.

Our customers find our Software-As-A-Service compelling due to our agile and iterative software development philosophy, and we would therefore need our developers to thrive off of consistent collaboration with stakeholders, enjoy striving for creative solutions, and understand the benefits of constant iteration.

Transparency and trust are keywords in our teams in which we try to learn continuously, develop continuously. To grow together in achieving great results for our customers. We strongly believe that, to remain relevant as technology professionals in an ever changing industry, our development teams have to keep adapting to change in a human and passionate way.

We understand that it is a duty to teach those around us what we have learnt and we have seen that, by doing so, we become better developers. To enable that we have created a teaching and learning culture throughout the whole ecosystem.

As a team, we’re looking for who are curious, open to feedback, and enjoy working together to create a better solution.  We’re looking for team-mates who are not necessarily defined by their technical experience, but people with imagination and energy, vision and shared values, curiosity and heart. Everything else you need can and will be learned along the way through immersion in our iterative environment.

Our company is proudly based in Umhlanga (KwaZulu-Natal), South Africa. Because we believe in human interaction this means you have to live in or be ready to move to the Durban area.

As a successful candidate you would:

  • Be directly involved in creating native apps for our clients and partners in the fields of media, communications and education.
  • Actively contribute to ideation, strategy, implementation and iteration of features and functionality for Fabrik.
  • Uphold our values of service, quality, maintainability, design and iteration in a teaching and learning environment.
  • Be accountable for creating and maintaining world class applications.

We expect from you as a successful candidate that

  • You have excellent technical knowledge of Objective-C or Swift on Xcode.
  • You have more than three years’ experience working as a mid-level or senior developer, having filled the primary role on a shipped iOS app developed natively.
  • You are used to an in-flight teaching and mentoring atmosphere.

You would even be more successful as a candidate if

  • You have recently published and/or maintained live app(s) in the App Store.
  • You have some experience in a leadership/team lead role.
  • You have experience in UI design.

As a person you should be able to recognise yourself in the following

  • A professional who understands that best results are achieved through collaborating with others, and not just in working alone.
  • A natural-born teacher who will do what it takes to up-skill the people around you, and has an opinion on what constitutes great work.
  • Career-focused with the motivation to forge one’s own path to success within a high-performing team.
  • The diligence and discipline to get things done, no matter the level or perceived cachet of the task.

to apply, email the following information to us:

  1. Full CV.
  2. Reference details from your direct leads at your 2 most recent places of employment.
  3. Include your expected salary and your notice period.