On Monday, 21 March 2016 Apple wants to ‘loop you in’ to their latest product shifts, with pundits predicting three key developments to look out for. Come and watch the event live with us!

Apple Special Event March 2016 at immedia

First up is the iPad Air 3 that’s set to be a skinnier version than its predecessor at 5mm, albeit it with a smaller battery. Fortunately, it will feature a smart connector and a 4 speaker system in a similar vein to the iPad Air Pro.

Another development might well be the release of the iPhone 5SE, a 4-inch phone that will feature a super snappy A8 or A9 processor. It also won’t just be ‘all work and no play’, with a lot of chatter around the introduction of some exciting new colours including hot pink! Other possible new additions to the iPhone’s range of specs, include an 8 mega pixel, rear facing camera and 3D touch capability.

The Apple Watch is also set to feature on Monday evening’s line up but don’t hold your breath as most observers feel we won’t see the introduction of the Apple Watch 2 as original reports claimed. This will probably only make its appearance in September, alongside the iPhone 7.

What we do have to look forward to are a range of new straps for the Apple Watch including a black Milanese Loop strap along with new colours for watches with sports bands. Rumours are also circulating that we’ll see a completely new strap made out of a new material. This may well be the case given that Apple did patent a range of smart straps last year.

To separate the facts from fiction, we will be hosting the Apple Event live at our home, The Quarterdeck, for interested developers and Apple enthusiasts to share this experience and dissect the good, the bad and the mind-blowing, as the action unfolds.

Attendance is FREE but seats are limited so please fill out the below form to RSVP.

Date: Monday, 21 March 2016
Time: 18:45 for 19:00
Venue: The Quarterdeck