As the year winds down, the immedia studio prepare to finalise months of hard work with the launch of a suite of Moneyweb apps.



Moneyweb Talk for iPhone, Moneyweb Talk for Android phone, and Moneyweb Now for iPad will all be available for download within a few weeks.

Both the Talk and Now products present the post-PC user with the premium content and thought-provoking comment on which prides itself, but each fulfills a different need that a user might have.

The Moneyweb Talk app (iPhone and Android phone) provides an enhanced experience of the audio content available on Apart from reading the latest content, users can listen to podcasts of interviews with financial leaders a minute after they broadcast. You can also download podcasts and listen to them on the move with the handy Car Mode feature.

Moneyweb Now for iPad immerses you in a premium financial news service that is fully customisable. As a content-driven user, you can personalise your reading columns and reorder them according to writers or topics that appeal to you.

With both the Talk and Now apps, you can securely monitor your financial portfolio.

Some key features of the apps include:
• Navigate with ease through all Moneyweb news and columnists.
• Listen to up-to-the-minute radio shows and podcasts from Moneyweb.
• Add your own news content from around the web, including your favourite news sources (RSS) and Twitter.
• Let the app do the work! Add a keyword stream and the app will automatically pull in relevant news content.
• Track your own JSE stock portfolio.
• Find out what our journalists are reading using our revolutionary JournoTrack feature.
• Read content and listen to audio offline.

The Moneyweb suite of apps for the iOS and Android platforms, will certainly be a must-have for every businessman or woman, always on the move and with a desire for news on demand.