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Here at immedia we’re besotted with anything that begins with i – as in iPhone, iPod Touch and now the iPad. We first introduced you to this ground breaking piece of technology in last month’s inaugural issue.

This month we bring you some thought provoking insight on why it’s the first device ever built to use the internet the way it was meant to be used and how that’s set to change the face of the Internet as we know it.

To give you even more of a feel for this pioneering piece of technology this month we’re offering one lucky reader an exclusive ‘test drive’ of one of the very first iPad models in the country.

All you have to do is read this newsletter VERY carefully and answer one easy question and you could be at the driving seat of the hottest thing to hit our shores in a long time.

iPad analysis

The iPad revolution is just around the corner…

With the global launch of the iPad scheduled for early next month (April 2010), US-based economics guru Jason Schwarz writing in one of his recent blogs, says that the mobile Internet is more than ready for the iPad and describes it as the first device ever built to use the Internet the way it was meant to be used.

What are the two most surprising things about Apple? According to Apple management it’s the success of the App Store and the iPod Touch. At a time when the iPod was supposed to fade away into the sunset, the iPod Touch catches fire? Huh? Why would anyone buy a Touch when they can buy an iPhone? People actually pay up to $399 for the Touch. Nobody saw this coming. So what does the surprises success of the Touch and the 3 billion downloads from the App Store tell us about the iPad? A lot.

The iPad finds itself right in the middle of Apple’s sweet spot. Let’s analyze the converging highways of potential buyers. On one highway you’ve got 75 million current iPhone and iPod Touch users who are familiar with the App Store and can’t wait to utilize the bigger screen … more

Mini case study – Suncoast Casino and Entertainment World


immedia client Suncoast Casino and Entertainment World, has sandileembarked on a nippy new social networking campaign. Brand Manager Sandile Xolo tells us how it’s doing…


Q. What was the big idea behind the promotion?
A. The idea was centered on creating an irresistible Value Offer for our target market. Some of the key considerations around achieving this aim were: The offer had to be really good; the messaging had to be simple and there had to be no barriers to entry i.e. the process to purchase and use the offer must be simple.

Q. How does it form part of Suncoast’s broader marketing strategy?
A. Our broader marketing strategy is; To attract new visitors to Suncoast and retain current customers, while encouraging them to spend and visit more. The Big Deal Combo answered both these strategic objectives, as it attracted new customers and also activated repeat visits and spend from our existing Club Festival members… more

SuperSport comes to iPhone

immedia has just released the latest addition to its suite of real time iPhone apps and this time it’s the turn of SuperSport. The new application offers sports fans real-time access to the latest sports news and scores, no matter where they are.

Commenting on the significance of the launch, immedia iPhone app developer Jitesh Nunnan says; “The SuperSport app has allowed us to showcase our accomplishment in development and design, previously seen in some of South Africa’s biggest branded websites. This stepping stone marks our clear intention to move into the mobile market and serves as further proof that our Durban-based company can challenge any global team.”

SuperSport.com GM Ray Moore says; “There is clearly huge consumer demand to be able to access sports information on the go, and this app is a logical next step, given how the iPhone has revolutionised the market…” more


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