You may be clever but are you ‘smart’?

Remember when the first Internet websites were launched and everyone wondered whether they were just a fad or the next big thing?

Well the first wave of home grown Smartphone Apps represent just such an epoch, and point to the fact that in no time at all, everyone will be dealing in this fledgling but fast-growing currency. Proof of this, is the handful of visionary clients who already appreciate the power of the App, including Computicket who we’ve worked with, to create the ticketing specialist’s first iPhone App.

This is just some of the exciting news contained in the next thousand or so words, because as usual, this newsletter is designed to give you a sneak peek of the future in the most entertaining way.

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Computicket invests in an iPhone future

After months of intense research and development Durban-based Smartphone specialist immedia is proud to announce the launch of Computicket’s first Apple iPhone App, which has shot to overall number 1 App and the number 1 App in the Entertainment sector in the South African App store.


Founder and Head Strategist Anice Hassim says as highly-skilled Apple Authorised developers in Africa, immedia’s integrated design and engineering approach to App development made it a perfect choice for Computicket.

“As pioneers in the mobile space, Computicket appreciated the fact that commissioning its own App was not a nice to have, but a non-negotiable and necessary part of its mobile communications strategy going forward, driven by the overarching aim of offering more convenience to customers,” he says.

He adds that the immedia team has trained intensively during the past two years in preparation for the growth of Smartphone App development locally, including one-on-one sessions with Apple engineers during the company’s annual World Wide Developer Conference. “This makes us more than ready to pioneer the development of local Apps, including the one that we’ve just developed for Computicket,” he explains.

As such, immedia’s development team – who represent a highly-skilled and rare breed in South Africa – have spent months perfecting the Computicket App’s look and feel. This has ensured that the design lends itself to a clean, concise operation that is easy to follow.

Hassim elaborates that the mobile application centres on convenience. “It allows the user to immediately access the core functionalities of the Computicket website in an optimised manner, thereby taking advantage of the phone’s hardware resources. Like the online version, the user can search and purchase tickets for an event, in a sequential manner.

He adds: “The App’s user interface has also been specifically designed by our user experience experts, with the aim of providing the online functionality in a manner familiar with the iPhone community; the main area of concern in this exercise was simplicity and that’s what was achieved”.

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Go ‘smart’ or go home

Living out here as we do on the edge of Africa, it is not always possible for our industry to see a revolution coming, especially when the requirements for that revolution, do not exist in South Africa yet. But whichever way you look at it, the mobile revolution is coming, and it’s going to be an App-driven, smart future that will be here within the next two to three years.

Despite this, I frequently get told that our population, poor as it is in Africa, will not adopt smart phones. But that’s what they said about cell-phones, and smart phones are the future of cell-phones, not a category apart. Like the divide introduced by Colour television, smart phones amplify the consumer experience in a way that there is no going back on.

So every phone will be a Smartphone for the simple reason that no other phone will sell to consumers. Already, they walk in asking for phones which can do “apps”.

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