2011 – Here we come!

It’s a couple of weeks now since we all dragged ourselves back to work or maybe you hopped, skipped and jumped your way back into the office because you couldn’t wait to start the year? We’re feeling energised and ready to take 2011 by storm.

That’s because last year saw us launch a number of ground-breaking iPhone Apps for SuperSport, Computicket and SABC News. We also celebrated the launch of the iPad in April, when we stood in a very long queue in chilly New York to make sure we brought some of the very first iPads to SA.

Later in the year, we jumped up and down again when the iPhone 4 launched, taking the Apple experience to new heights. That’s all fine and good but we’re certainly not resting on our laurels in 2011.

With a host of exciting new apps in development and the aim of spreading our ‘Net meets World’ message far and wide, we’re more than ready to do business!

Express yourself!



immedia Head Strategist Anice Hassim says forget about media convergence – it’s all about expression convergence if you want to stay in touch with what’s really going on in consumers’ heads…

While the world was waiting for the much-hyped trend of media convergence, something far more dynamic and organic was taking root in the lives of every day consumers – Expression Convergence. This is due to the fact that, human nature being what it is, users have latched on to devices which give them the ability to communicate wherever they are.

So right now, it’s not so much about convergence, but rather the portability of media and the ability of devices to allow consumers to consume content when, and most importantly where, they want. As opposed to content being ‘pushed at’ consumers, there is a reverse flow of information which means the consumer is very much king when it comes to content.

As opposed to broadcast schedules being ‘pushed at’ consumers, there is a reverse flow of information which means the consumer is very much king when it comes to content… read more

immedia breaks the news


Last month saw the launch of yet another immedia iPhone app, this time for SABC News.

A key strength of the app is the quality of the content created by the 24-hour news hounds in the SABC newsrooms resulting in seriously smart, short sharp coverage of local and international breaking news, as well as the sports, business, entertainment and
political sectors.

Where immedia came in, was in delivering this content in an easy-to-use, flexible manner. The design of the SABC News app therefore boasts a host of useful features, such as key word notification that will allow you to receive alerts on news that you’re particularly interested in… read more

Getting to grips with Android


immedia developer Nishern Govender recently attended an Android Development Day at the Innovation Hub in Pretoria, where he was lucky enough to be one of the first in the world to see presentations that’ll only be presented at the Google I/O conference in San Francisco later this year…

Fast Fact! The Android operating system for Smartphones, released in 2008, is an open source platform backed by Google, along with major hardware and software developers. The software suite included on the phone, consists of integration with Google’s proprietary applications, such as Maps, Calendar, and Gmail, and a full HTML web browser.

What exactly is Android Dev day and where is it held?

It’s an event hosted by Google, where Android developers and other mobile development enthusiasts have an opportunity to engage with each other and most importantly, with a Google Android ‘evangelist’. The day is filled with presentations on Android development and devices, case studies and coding/hack sessions. This particular Dev day was arranged and hosted by Justin Mattson – a Google Android evangelist based in San Francisco. Justin was kind enough to arrange the Dev day on the last day of his holiday in South Africa… read more