Smart talk from a smart team

Things happen fast in the world of digital and the up-to-the-minute news contained in this month’s issue, does nothing to dispel this view.

Of great interest is an article on the rumoured development of the iPad 2, which will reportedly be “thinner and lighter than the first model and will also include a front-facing camera for video conferencing, more memory, and a more powerful graphics processor.”

We also take a look at the launch of South Africa’s new Drifta Mobile TV service. In terms of mobility the Drifta service allows users to watch whatever they want, wherever they want.

The onset of Smartphone apps has already revolutionised the role that mobile devices play in our lives and the launch of this type of service shows that more than ever, a Smartphone is a must have in all aspects of life be it work or play.

Happy reading!

BlackBerry’s African conundrum


In a recent ‘intelligence session’ with a key client, immedia Head Strategist & Founder Anice Hassim shared these thoughts on the future of Blackberry, in comparison to similar platforms and why it may not be a player in two to three years…

BlackBerry is popular in enterprise because of its security ecosystem and BES platform and service. In many developing countries, BlackBerry is popular, though nowhere near dominant because of telco promotions and heavy subsidising of the handsets, backed by its free IM service BlackBerry Messenger and the cut-down, web-browsing free service.

So the youth market has many BlackBerries since they love the Free IM for keeping in touch with friends and lovers at no cost in real time… read more

The iPad 2 takes shape


Do the peeps at Apple HQ ever sleep? If the fact that the Apple iPad 2 is already in development is anything to go by, we think the answer is a resounding “no”!

Apple has apparently started production of its next-generation iPad according to unnamed sources quoted recently in the Wall Street Journal, who reveal that the company’s newest tablet will be “thinner and lighter than the first model”. If the account is accurate, the next iPad will also include a front-facing camera for video conferencing, more memory, “and a more powerful graphics processor”… read more

Watch as you walk and talk!


The launch of the new Drifta service which allows you to watch DStv on your Smartphone, laptop or iPad was launched by Multichoice late last year and heralds yet another digital innovation that makes your cell phone so much more than just, well…a phone.

Drifta basically allows you to watch DStv on your Smartphones laptop or iPad. It is currently being offered to South African consumers for free until April this year, after which it will be offered as a paid for service. To receive the wireless signal one needs the newly introduced mobile TV decoder, the Drifta. This is a separate device that receives the DStv Mobile broadcast signal and relays it over Wi-Fi to a range of Wi-Fi-capable laptops, PCs, tablets and Smartphones… read more

immedia sets sail for its new office!

The Quarterdeck

The big move is finally upon us as we gear up to moving into our brand new offices on the third floor of the majestic Quarterdeck Building – nautically themed because of its proximity to the ocean and the fact that there are 4 ‘decks’ i.e. floors) – and we’re on Level 3…

We are planning to relocate offices on the weekend of 25-27 Feb but even though we’re moving over a weekend, due to the nature of our online business, we plan to do most of the infrastructure moving during the night with the aim of ensuring minimum downtime for our valued clients’ services.

Our building is located at:

Level 3
The Quarterdeck
69 Richefond Circle

Some of the special features of our new offices include:

  • Two balconies with 180 degree sea views, from Umhlanga in the north, to the Bluff, CBD & Moses Mabhida Stadium in the south.
  • A state-of-the-art Boardroom with inter-leading Bar & balcony area and a communal staff ‘chill-out’ area with balcony.
  • There’s also an open-plan staff area which has been designed to strengthen our sense of community, boost productivity, morale etc and a spacious reception & waiting area.

P.S. Look out for your official invite to our roof wetting in our next issue and join us for a drink at our new ocean view bar. If you come, we promise to try to answer all your questions about digital or provide guidance if you’re interested in a career in our exciting industry.

Feb’s fast facts

  • Apple delivered stellar quarterly results in early January on its top and bottom line, selling 7.33-million iPads.
  • Apple has listed the all time most popular iPhone and iPad apps in both free and paid.
  • The Amazon investment in Living Social is already showing some results: You can get a $20 Amazon gift card for $10 today.
  • Samsung’s Android phones are mysteriously stuck on Android 2.1. One theory for why: Samsung is in a battle with carriers over pushing out the update to 2.2.
  • Microsoft still hasn’t issued a single update for Windows Phone 7 software.
    (At a comparable point in the iPhone’s life, Apple had issued multiple updates.)
  • Rendered photos of the HP-Palm tablet have leaked; it looks like an iPad mixed
    with a Palm Pre.
  • Amazon expanded its web services to include a new option which is supposed to make managing the back end of applications and websites easier.