Onward and upward!

This month has seen a sea of changes at immedia with a shift in management and the appointment of Nazeem Ebrahim as MD and the move of founder Anice Hassim to the position of CEO. This has been accompanied by a number of other key strategic promotions and appointments within the company.

All this momentum has been further bolstered by an incredibly hassle free move to our impressive new office space. We’re now all set to be South Africa’s leading Post-PC consultancy because unlike so many others, we’ve been honing and now fine tuning our smartphone, tablet and digital intelligence capabilities for years.

So while the rest of the industry finally wakes up to the future, we’re already deciding how our clients can benefit from their next digital step.

Happy reading!

immedia announces change in leadership

immedia has announced the appointment of new MD Nazeem Ebrahim who was formerly Group General Manager. In line with this shift, founder of the company Anice Hassim will assume the role of CEO.


Nazeem brings nearly 20 years experience in the IT industry and an ability to direct complex IT projects from concept to fully operational status. He has managed customer accounts and relationships in the public and private sector as well as a number of large scale IT projects.

This follows the announcement last week that former CEO Cheryl Wheeler will be returning to the broadcasting industry where she previously spent 15 years building brands such as East Coast Radio.

“Having spent many years in the broadcast industry, I have decided to return to a passion and industry that is both challenging and exhilarating. It is, however, with sadness that I leave the immedia team after pioneering with them in the new space of designing and developing smartphone and iPad applications.

“The road that we have travelled together has been fascinating and the learning has been phenomenal. I will be watching the Company’s rapid growth and success with great satisfaction and pride,” she says.

During her time at immedia Cheryl has been instrumental in growing the commercial side of the business including the development of a series of ground breaking smartphone and iPad apps for companies such as SuperSport, Computicket, SABC News as well as a number of global apps that are due for release shortly.

Other staff promotions and appointments at this pivotal point in immedia’s evolution are:
Tanya Wakeling – Studio Manager, Nishern Govender – Head of Android Development and Calean Somary – Technical Supervisor.

The thieves are at the temple & old media is fast asleep!

Now that Rupert Murdoch has made the first foray into tablet publishing with the launch of The Daily iPad newspaper, immedia CEO Anice Hassim says there’s an angle many local commentators are neglecting, namely how fast local print titles could jump on the bandwagon if they simply dived into the digital foray. The answer? Tomorrow!


While media titans and the associated pilot fish and analogue eco-system bicker over how to divide the spoils of the new digital future, there are thieves in the temple of media slipping away with precious artefacts from the altar… signal, transaction, billing, community ownership and one other very important asset… trust.

This is because while the industry paralyses itself over how to react, Apple has decided to leapfrog and speak directly to the consumer. Outsiders like to flay Apple for being an anal, secretive and unrelenting behemoth to deal with, but to many users, that consistency translates to one thing – trust. This early dominance and lead also means that Apple is once again seeing these harbingers of behaviour changes earlier than their competitors… read more

iPad 2 – What’s not to love?

We hinted at its arrival in last month’s issue but on Friday 4th March Apple was proud to announce the birth of its next generation iPad 2 and boy did it not disappoint!

The new Apple iPad 2 is a significant advancement on its predecessor, which if you remember only launched in April 2011.

It’s thinner (33% to be exact) having gone from 13.4mm to 8.8mm in thickness which means that the iPad 2 is also thinner than iPhone 4, it’s also lighter down from 680g down to 580g and dramatically faster thanks to its A5 dual core processor. This means its graphics are also nine times faster, while using the same power as the processor from the first iPad resulting in the same 10-hour battery life. It also features both a rear camera, and a front-facing camera that allow for FaceTime video conferencing as well as HD Video… read more

A space by the people & for the people


Now that we’ve made the long anticipated big move into our new building we thought you might like a tour of the interior which we designed ourselves. Our thinking was that we design everything for our clients ourselves, so why not our new building?

immedia CEO Anice Hassim says; “Our new office proves that you can be a San Francisco-style startup with all the passion, innovation and creativity associated with that kind of concern but in a better city with a better climate!”

The key thing behind the new immedia office’s look and feel is the synergistic approach to the layout of the office space. The idea is for there to be no hierarchal divide underpinned by hard walls and a lack of integrated or shared spaces… read more