Fast & furious… we wouldn’t have it any other way!!

immedia operates in the fast paced world of post-PC design, development and insight – and it shows. This month has seen Apple host its legendary annual World Wide Developers’ conference, which this year sold out in a mere ten hours! Computicket has also just launched its immedia-designed and -developed iPad app and our developers were also fortunate enough to spend a week training with visiting Swiss iOS expert Adrian Kosmaczewski.

To say things are fast and furious therefore doesn’t always do it justice but we’re passionate about post-PC innovation and helping steer our clients to the digital shore, so we wouldn’t have it any other way!

NB! Enjoy reading how we’ve pushed the envelope this month, specifically the report back on our mind blowing trip to Apple’s annual World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco!

What happened in San Fran won’t be staying in San Fran!

The immedia team recently spent a fascinating week at the Apple World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) soaking up invaluable international insights and exchanging ideas with developers from across the globe….


Outlining some of the top line insights garnered at the event, immedia CEO Anice Hassim says essentially this was a massive Eco-system reboot that puts Apple head and shoulders above the competition…

“African media people would be mistaken to believe that apple is not going to be major player… They cut the cord to the PC so the post-PC rev is well and truly here now. For example, you can buy a pad for R3 500 and be even more productive than with a PC at twice the price for the vast majority of users.

Apple’s new ecosystem foundations are set to revolutionise the rich world, (iCloud), the developing world (post telco) and the aged… aided by the ease of use of technologies like Twitter, FaceTime, discovery etc… read more

The iCloud comes to the consumer

Apple Inc CEO Steve Jobs strode back into the spotlight earlier this month to unveil the iCloud, a music-streaming service that the company hopes will power its next stage of growth and popularise web-based consumer services.


A still thin-looking Jobs walked out to a standing ovation from the more than 5 000 Apple faithful at its Worldwide Developers’ Conference in downtown San Francisco’s Moscone Centre, making opening comments for just a few minutes before ceding the stage to marketing chief Phil Schiller.

The Silicon Valley icon emerged from medical leave to launch an Internet-based service for consumers called the iCloud, which lets users play their music and get access to their data from any Apple device – a crucial capability for users increasingly accustomed to performing tasks on the move.

In cloud computing, data and software are stored on servers and devices get access to it through the Internet. Analysts say the iCloud could create a new model for
media consumption… read more

Computicket’s iPad app is here!

The next exciting step in the evolution of one of immedia’s most progressive clients Computicket has just been made…

computicketThe launch of the new iPad App forms part of a broader strategy for developing immedia’s place in South Africa’s post-PC sector. As a leading post-PC design specialist, it’s gearing up to be an app development studio across all major platforms.

Against that backdrop, immedia Head iOS Developer Kishyr Ramdial, says “The iPad app demonstrates our ability to deploy our clients multi app platform offerings in a coherent and efficient manner”… read more

International insight and training raises our development bar

What started off as a chance encounter between immedia Founder Anice Hassim, Head Developer Kish Ramdial and Swiss based iOs specialist Adrian Kosmaczewski in the mind numbingly long queue at the launch of the iPad in New York in April last year and a subsequent interaction during the FIFA 2010 World Cup, has turned into a mutually beneficial relationship that’s set to go from strength to strength.


The first step in what’s set to be a very fruitful relationship was the week Adrian recently spent training with immedia’s team of specialist iOs developers and unpacking the technical and commercial possibilities that iOS and other mobile platforms offer today.

This Argentinean born developer who is also an ex-Nokia analyst, began his own iOs development company in Switzerland three years ago. He describes his trip to South Africa as nothing short of amazing, and says it provided immedia and akosma with a great way to exchange ideas, tips, knowledge, and culture.