Africa’s app century is here!

immedia is committed to positioning Africa as the global epicentre for app development, complete with a set of rich African values that tell the world exactly what we’re about in an elegant, innovative manner. This, as our CEO Anice Hassim says in his column, is a significant position to be in, given that global app downloads are running above 31-million per day.

We hope you enjoy reading about this view and our other exciting news, not least of which, the launch of the exciting new immedia-driven technology YTV in association with media partner YFM, and the newly announced app development and iPad training courses.

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immedia launches real-time radio like you’ve never seen it before


YFM has joined forces with digital development studio immedia to launch YTV – a ground breaking, real-time, low bandwidth visual feed.

The pilot YTV project is based on revolutionary new technology developed by immedia over the past three years in association with the University of Cape Town, and the CSIR. Known as Adaptive Real Time Internet Streaming (ARTIST), this South African born-and-bred innovation does away with the buffering associated with slow download speeds, by monitoring an Internet connection and adapting the quality of the video stream accordingly. This effectively fills the gap between bandwidth supply and content demand.

immedia Director, Bevan Andries says the benefit of ARTIST within the radio environment is that it adds eyes to ears, faces to voices, and the visual to the audible.
“Traditional radio has been able to offer an audio and more recently, online environment but YTV adds real-time, video streaming to the mix which adds a whole new dimension to listeners’ radio experience. We have effectively closed the loop for true integration of media incorporating radio, online, web, TV, mobile and print”… more

The app vs. mobi debate – it’s not up for discussion…


The debate’s over. We’re living in the time between times, between what was and what will be. You know, like when you went “Mom, get a mobile!” In a similar way an app is coming to entice your target market away, no matter what industry or discipline you are in, so best you get to understand the medium…

Why the sense of urgency? Well consider that the rise of the digital revolution had an approximate lifecycle of 12 years and that the Smartphone revolution, i.e. from web to mobile, is happening at a quarter of the pace – approximately three years. What’s even more frightening or exciting – depending on which way you look at it – is that the adoption rate of iPad is happening almost in tandem but at an even faster rate… read more

immedia pioneers post-PC market intelligence


immedia has embarked on an exciting training initiative aimed at entrenching its position as a pioneer in post-PC market intelligence. Based on the input of both immedia’s seasoned digital gurus as well as international partner Adrian Kosmaczewski from Akosma Software, these world-class courses will enrich and consolidate new and existing operators’ knowledge base…

Scheduled for September and October this year, the courses will be run in association with strategic partner, Swiss-based iOS specialist and founder of Akosma Software, Adrian Kosmaczewski.

A 2-day course will be aimed at new developers while the 3-day course will be aimed at more advanced iOS developers who are seeking to enrich their knowledge base. We also believe in not only creating technology for the future, but also investing in the minds that will drive Africa’s app revolution. In light of this, we’ll be offering a one day orientation course for matrics / grade 11s on mobile development. This mini-workshop will expose these bright young things to the Android, iOS and Microsoft eco-systems.

A bonus for attendees is that they get to interact with some of the industry leaders, who might want to offer them training and mentorship.