Moneyweb apps close out frenzied year for immedia

As the rest of the corporate world gets ready to usher in the new year, we’re upping the ante as we prepare to launch a whole fleet of apps. Moneyweb’s Talk and Now apps on the iOS and Android platforms are set to revolutionise the economic commentary scene, making it easier for the financially-aware post-PC user to keep current.

This, just on the heels of an immedia-developed app being awarded Silver at this year’s Bookmark Awards: the app for iPad, featured further on in this update.

We also pay tribute to the incredible contribution made by the late Steve Jobs, not only to the digital industry but the world as whole. On 6th October 2011, immedia CEO Anice Hassim said it best in an email to staff entitled A Sad Morning: “Steve Jobs has passed away…many of our values and much of our craft has been energized by Steve’s vision and I am proud of what our team is achieving every day. Apple may never be the same, but thanks to Steve, neither is the future we live in.”

A sentiment that’s 100% true – if the turnout at our iOS App Dev training courses is anything to go by. It seems South African developers are gearing up to produce locally-flavoured apps at a global quality, and immedia’s making sure they have all the tools and support they need. Read more about our apps further on, and keep in touch with us for news on our 2012 courses.

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Moneyweb Gets Even Smarter

As the year winds down, the immedia studio prepare to finalise months of hard work with the launch of a suite of Moneyweb apps.
Moneyweb Talk for iPhone, Moneyweb Talk for Android phone, and Moneyweb Now for iPad will all be available for download within a few weeks.

Both the Talk and Now products present the post-PC user with the premium content and thought-provoking comment on which prides itself, but each fulfills a different need that a user might have… read more

SuperSport for iPad wins Silver at the Bookmark Awards

SuperSport tweet
immedia congratulates DStv Online for their phenomenal success at the
2011 Bookmark Awards earlier this month.

Among the 5 awards received, the App for iPad was awarded Silver in the Tablet category. immedia are proud to have been involved in the creation of what might be one of the most exciting sports apps around, and hope we can continue making magic with the DStv Online team for many years to come… read more

DStv’s iPad TV Guide is cross-continental

The iPad app version of DStv’s TV Guide has landed on our shores and it makes paging through a magazine for the very same information seem almost… outdated…

Under the careful crafting of digital consultancy immedia – the creator of a number of uniquely African apps – the DStv product is the first of its kind for the iPad and is also a first for South Africa and, in all likelihood, the African continent.

immedia Head of Development Kishyr Ramdial reveals; “One of the biggest features of the new DStv Guide iPad app is that it’s not a South African-focused app – it’s an African app. Any user in Africa will be able to download the app and see the programming, news, highlights, etc. relative to their country… read more

GLOBAL VIEW – The world according to Siri

Global view
When Apple unveiled its new global phone the iPhone 4S earlier this month, a very special ‘lady’ also turned up at the event – Siri. A brand new personal assistant service that started off as an app just a few months ago and has already evolved into a major new area of development within Apple…
Put quite simply, Siri is a way to speak to your iPhone and ask it to do stuff for you. It is, however, a lot more than a search engine focused on information retrieval – it’s more about doing than it is finding. As a result, its greatest distinguishing feature is that it applies context to questions which means Siri is able to work out what you mean – which is where most of the science comes in… read more

Steve Jobs: a “ding in the universe”

Just after legendary Apple founder Steve Jobs passed away earlier this month, immedia CEO Anice Hassim wrote a tribute to the icon from an African point-of-view for industry website

A few months ago, I had the privilege of watching a “Steve-note” live, as Steve Jobs introduced iOS 5.0, Lion and iCloud at Apple’s WorldWide Developer Conference in San Francisco. As he entered, the room erupted in an outpouring of love as 5 000 developers and Apple staff paid homage to an icon of our age. It was an electric moment that seemed to choke him up as he surely knew this would be the last.

His passing yesterday, Wednesday, 5 October 2011, as much as it might have been anticipated, came as a shock around the world. The Apple homepage was devastatingly simple. We all know the impact Jobs made on our world… read more

Local app dev courses pick up speed


South Africa’s app dev industry is currently receiving a major boost from a series of immedia training courses aimed at aspiring beginner and advanced developers. Evidence of the hunger for quality app dev training in the country is that the first course – held in partnership with mLab at its brand new Pretoria facility – was sold out…

immedia CEO Anice Hassim says this exciting new programme is all about upskilling local developers so that they’re empowered to become part of Africa’s app dev revolution. “The reality is that all you actually need to operate a post-PC aligned business is a brain, a laptop and someone to teach you and you can create an app dev competency”… read more