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So March has come and gone, cementing our way into 2012. The year ahead at immedia is filled with many interesting prospects and we look forward to having you join us on this journey. This month, we’ve launched the Mount Edgecombe Estate website, had one of our developers join Vodacom in presenting App Dev to DUT students, and we ready ourselves for another round of App Dev Training, which you can read about in this issue. We also have our CEO, Anice Hassim share some insight into the role of agencies in our current digital age and we share a few highlights of our last highly successful Open Night.

Agencies – big, small you can have them all!

by Anice Hassim


Despite a rapidly evolving post-PC marketplace, many clients continue to be distracted by the need to keep up with the Joneses and consider the image of their agency of choice, as opposed to its core competencies.

Organisations expect that their existing agency will glide them effortlessly into the new, smart technological era, but need to understand that most traditional agencies have not yet made the transition from the old and embraced the new.

We now see the need for a new kind of agency – one that understands how to navigate the organisation through the fast-paced and ever-changing landscape. This agency works together with the client and its existing agencies in an effort for mutual learning, acting as one of the “pilot fish” that guide the organisation to its goals.

A key concept that clients need to understand is that post-PC strategy is about more than just how to use super cool devices. Communication platforms and engagement strategies in our digitally-enabled world need to support all marketing initiatives, both offline and online, and be truly multi-channel. Yet digital maturity is one area where brands and agencies are playing catch-up with consumer demand.

A digital devolution

Against this highly complex backdrop, the reality is that if any major vendor is going to have only one agency, they’re restricting themselves because a single agency, and especially the traditionally large agencies, simply cannot see everything… read more

Please note this article was originally commissioned by AdVantage magazine and is due to be published in its April 2012 issue.

Mount Edgecombe Estate goes digital


We’ve recently set up an information-based website for Mount Edgecombe Estate, increasing community awareness and interaction. This digital space provides estate members with community alerts that were previously only available via mail or telephonically.

The site allows for community members to be updated on upcoming events, local restaurants and establishments of interest as well as sporting activities. The site also includes property and classified sections, which allows residents to not only be well informed but also provides an avenue for community interaction.

The site also features a link for users from different parts of the estate to access the newsletter applicable to them at their convenience. Whilst creating a digital space for residents to access local events and places of interest, the site also has an extensive listing of service providers, simplifying the lives of all homeowners.

To view some of the features on this site, click here.

Opening our doors to the local dev community


Our highly anticipated February Open Night went off with a bang. Developers, designers, managers and students gathered at our head office to engage with one another and reinforce our view that KZN is a hotbed of talent. Last month we were lucky enough to have developers from outside immedia present with a great response from our crowd… read more


Inspiring KZN’s future developers


Following his recent triumph at the Vodacom App Star Challenge, our Head of Development, Kishyr Ramdial was recently approached by the Vodacom Developer Programme to be a guest speaker at their Student Chapter, at the Durban University of Technology.

Presenting to over 40 enthusiastic learners, Kishyr highlighted the future of App Dev training and the need for local developers to promote Durban’s potential. Well received by the students, this presentation proved that Durban not only has the ability to produce award-winning developers but also highlighted the incredible interest in App Dev, which is circulating within the local student community. The future looks promising for the South African development scene.

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