KZN is SA’s new powerhouse

April’s been an inspiring month at immedia with the team venturing into several new projects and solidly immersing themselves in the South African digital sphere.

We’ve had yet another successful Open Night at our headquarters and some of our team led the app dev training for South Africa’s first Code Jam session at UWC. Our studio also kicked off the month with the launch of the Seychelles Yacht Charter website, showcasing brilliant web features. Our CEO and Head of Development were also featured in popular print publications, drawing a little more attention to SA’s Silicon Beach.

It’s been an exciting quarter and we’re glad to have you join us, so let’s kick things off.

KZN is SA’s new powerhouse


In a recent feature showcasing the rising power of KZN companies, we let AdVantage readers in on some of the work we do, and our experiences with discovering the talent Durban has to offer.

CEO and Head Strategist, Anice Hassim says that there is a certain kind of thinker that gravitates towards a space like Durban “We get a lot of infusion from people who are punching out from the Gauteng rat race, opting to live a life on the north coast in seaside towns such as Ballito. We ourselves have found many experienced and undiscovered talent, with values that match our own.”… more


New digital offering for premium yacht charter company


We’ve recently launched a 360 degree post-PC solution for tourism client, Seychelles Yacht Charter that encompasses an interactive website and will be closely followed by native iPhone and iPad apps.

Seychelles Yacht Charter Manager Michelle Merrick explains that the catalyst behind the company’s new digital approach was the change of its brand from the Offshore Club and Charter to the Seychelles Yacht Charter, accompanied by a beautiful new visual design. The design brief was “simple but stylish”, and the team’s approach was to wrap the new brand around a fresh and ‘flowy’ feel.

The website was created with the latest breakthrough in web technology: responsive web design. This is a design and development approach which caters to the user’s browsing environment, based on screen size, platform and orientation. The layout of the website will then automatically change to the the user’s screen size – be it a mobile phone or a smaller web browser window. The functionality therefore allows the user to experience the full impact of the website, regardless of screen size.

The iPhone and iPad apps will be released into the Apple Store soon. Check out our website for further updates… more

Preparing for an app revolution


Our CEO and Head Strategist, Anice Hassim, will be one of a few select guest speakers at this year’s AdReview Conference on 18 May 2012. The conference will feature the likes of many digitally intuitive speakers including Ann Mack, JWT’s director of trend spotting in New York.

This half-day conference will focus on “The Future of Advertising” and gather a crowd of approximately 500 industry people. Anice will be interviewed by MoneyWeb’s Hilton Tarrant on the pervasiveness of apps in our near future. Many can look forward to Anice’s “The Planet of the Apps” as well as the handover of 2012’s Ad Agency of the Year Award… more

Jamming with student devs


Creating a centre of African app excellence depends on the creation of a world-class skills base. To achieve this, we are currently partnering with the University of the Western Cape and leading South African IT solutions group, Gijima to expose local IT and BSc students from five universities across the country, to iOS training that will empower them with the skills to fully code and design their own apps.

Head strategist, Anice Hassim says that the challenge which the Code Jam initiative is hoping to tackle, concerns the current lack of relevant training for local IT and BSc students. “They are desperate to become part of the post-PC phenomenon that is sweeping the globe, thanks to the incredible uptake of devices such as the iPhone and iPad but there are very few, if any, outlets that currently offer this kind of skills transfer.

“We simply don’t have enough South African mentors who are providing the necessary guidance and instruction to students and graduates looking to extend their skills and initiatives such as the Code Jam event, which does just that, hence our desire to be involved in such a pioneering event,” says Hassim… more

You should be reading…

The Post-PC Enterprise
TechCrunch – Aaron Levie (15 April 2012)

… And Apple’s rising tide – already 172 million devices strong, sold in the last year alone – has in turn given rise to a massive, vibrant ecosystem: companies generating hundreds of millions and billions of dollars in value in under a few years, revolutionizing industries like gaming, social networking, entertainment and communications in the process. Then of course there’s Instagram. All proving that value created in this mobile and Post-PC world will rival traditional computing categories… more

Forget Apple, buy Microsoft
Johannes Visser – TechCentral (17 April 2012)

Although some US analysts are predicting that Apple’s share price could push past the US$1 000/share barrier in the next 12 months, making it the first $1 trillion company, I believe the more “boring” technology companies such as Dell, Microsoft and Intel offer a more sensible prospect for investors.
The market is valuing Apple’s operating profit and free cash flow at almost two times that of the other companies. In fact, the market currently appraises Apple as the most valuable company in the world, worth more than Intel, Microsoft and Dell combined… more

When Code is Hot
TechCrunch – Jon Evans (7 April 2012)

Suddenly programming is sexy. Codecademy is drawing hundreds of thousands to its online programming tutorials. “Those jumping on board say they are preparing for a future in which the Internet is the foundation for entertainment, education and nearly everything else … ensuring that they are not left in the dark ages,” says a recent New York Times piece. The NYT’s Randall Stross went on to write about how “many professors of computer science say college graduates in every major should understand software fundamentals.” At parties these days, people are more impressed when I say I write apps than when I say I’ve had a few novels published. How weird is that… more

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10:42 AM – 16 Apr 12

#instagram’s @kevin is a great case study on how the best products are created out of passion, not just coding skill

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That’s @immediaza Dev @kishyr in the Sunday Times today. Well done #durban #app Dev

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Microsoft to become a gaming power house


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