Awarding tomorrow’s devs

Winter chill is in the air but things are heating up here at immedia. Our team has been making its way around the country, collaborating and exchanging ideas with South Africa’s diversely talented students, tourism gurus and media experts.

To round up the highlights we’ve had this month, we catch up with our CEO, Anice Hassim after his successful interview at this year’s AdReview Conference, journey with our dev team during Code Jam’s exciting weekend finale and explore our latest innovative project – African Storybook Digital’s iBook.

As we do every year, our team will be heading off to WWDC (Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference) from 11th to 15th June. We look forward to bringing you all the news, highlights and exciting innovations coming out of Apple, in next month’s update.

Awarding tomorrow’s devs


Recognising that South Africa and Africa at large has significant untapped talent, our team were ready and willing to collaborate with Gijima at this year’s Code Jam initiative. This month, our team gathered at the University of the Western Cape to judge the best app created by student devs, which marked the end of the Code Jam 2012 programme. immedia helped these students on their journey to create their apps, providing them with intense, tailored training sessions led by our very own developers and designers.

Anice Hassim, our CEO and Lead Strategist joined a panel of judges from various organisations at the leading edge of South Africa’s digital sphere, to adjudicate the merit of these talented, young creatives’ work. When exploring the importance of such a venture in our country, Anice says, “There is a tendency to view Africa as different or special because we’re considered poor, developing and lacking in resources, but all I hear is another form of ‘baaskap’. For Africa to take its place on the global stage, we need to learn to express ourselves in the tools and medium of the age. App dev offers Africa’s impoverished a ticket to global prosperity. There’s no difference with African brains compared to their Chinese, European or American counterparts.”

Prizes ranging from iPod Touches to iPhones and MacBook Pros were awarded to the top 5 groups. Not only did this Code Jam weekend culminate in a well deserved party, but it also allowed us to appreciate the future of Africa’s app dev potential. Anice adds, “Part of acquiring these skills is the understanding that a new culture goes with it. Our aim is for aspiring app creators to ‘Step up, start up and change their world’ ”.

Tapping through travel


We are proud to announce that immedia has recently partnered with award-winning television producer, Angus Begg in a new digital content publishing venture: African Storybook Digital.

The vision of this partnership is to carry the travel and tourism industry into a tablet and smartphone future. Understanding the changing nature of the global digital sphere, we have partnered to provide companies with quality digital offerings. These user-friendly books offer readers the most dynamic, engrossing and interactive features possible in a book format, redefining the reading experience. Travellers can discover new places on the go.

Unlike apps, iBooks update themselves automatically, so your reader always has the most recent information. It’s a new type of iBook which allows mixed media (images, text, audio files, videos, maps, interactive graphics, etc) to be accessed and we’re now ready to take the digital publishing world by storm.

Angus Begg, a seasoned photo-journalist, has a keen eye for detail and the ‘perfect shot’. His intuitive understanding of content and ability to highlight the magic and wonder of a place through visual imagery and text, makes him the perfect creative mind behind African Storybook Digital. As post-PC specialists, immedia’s partnership with this travel specialist is poised to take the tourism industry’s service offering to the next level.

Dear world, it’s time to embrace an app future


This month, we were fortunate enough to speak at the highly anticipated 2012 AdReview Conference. Our CEO and Lead Strategist, Anice Hassim was interviewed onstage by Hilton Tarrant, Production Editor at Moneyweb. Anice explored the topic: ”Planet of the Apps: a new medium is born“ and enlightened the staggering turnout with a new perspective on the app revolution that has already begun to hit our shores. Anice says the opportunity to be interviewed at the conference was ”pretty awesome“.

The focus of this year’s conference was very much on a digital future with many in the ad industry embracing the changes to the media landscape and the need to move to digital. This well-attended conference attracted individuals from various fields in the media world with local and international marketing experts debating the future of advertising. Describing his experience, he adds, ”This was a thought-provoking set of discussions from diverse and powerful actors in the field. This year allowed us to perhaps take a different perspective on apps and where the industry is headed.“

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