Top-notch App Dev training

July came and went with our team being caught up in a whirlwind of activity. This month, our team joined local and international IT organisations to bring top-notch App Dev training to various parts of the country with special bursary offers for SA’s future developers.

Our dev team also worked around the clock to release some of the hottest new apps for multiple platforms. This has also been a special month for us as we were named a finalist in the FNB KZN Top Business of the Year Awards. We concluded this month of activity by also hosting a book launch for our app dev training partner.

A cross-country app dev journey


This month, our nationwide app dev training initiative with our highly skilled trainers from immedia and akosma software, explored new methods of empowering South Africa’s future by providing students and young developers with bursary opportunities.

Our app dev training sessions provided interested developers with the know-how to create their very own smartphone and tablet apps and become a part of the global app revolution. Our training courses ran in Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town and provided developers with the necessary skills training to empower them in what can only be described as a fast-growing and incredibly competitive digital market.

We recently partnered with the University of the Western Cape and leading South African IT solutions group, Gijima in Code Jam, to empower students across the country with much-needed app dev training and mentorship. As part of its commitment to exposing students to world-class training, Code Jam came on board this round of training with awarding bursaries to many university students.

“I feel that immedia is providing a great service by offering a course like this. I will recommend it to people interested in such a course,” said developer, Ross Symons, who attended the iOS Beginners course in Cape Town… more »


Local recognition highlights Silicon Beach


This year, immedia caused waves in the provincial business community after having been nominated as one of the top businesses in KZN. immedia was one of the top three finalists in the financial and commercial category. Our nomination and selection allowed us to share our ambitions to develop Durban’s talent with fellow local organisations. In doing so, we further established the growing entrepreneurial sense and savvy that is fast enhancing our city as powerhouse in South Africa. With fierce competition and having reached the finalist status, we hope to have brought more attention to Silicon Beach and the potential that lies within.

A literary celebration on digital turf


We are proud to have celebrated the South African launch of our close friend and App Dev training partner, Adrian Kosmaczewski’s latest book, Mobile JavaScript Application Development.

It was an engaging night as Adrian shared with us his journey of writing and publishing the book. Guests were immediately captivated by Adrian’s charm and compelling storytelling, accompanied by a rather interesting accent. One of our guests, Cat Swart (pictured) added,”Great meeting Adrian at the event tonight, such a nice guy and charismatic character.”

Our team first met Adrian 2 years ago in New York, while in line to purchase the very first iPad. What started out as a random meeting on the street grew into a prolific partnership and friendship. This month, Adrian was back in the country for our nationwide App Dev training initiative aimed at upskilling and empowering South Africa’s untapped talent.”… more »

Broadening our horizons


We’ve just taken cross-platform up a notch at immedia headquarters with the release of our first BlackBerry app. Our newest app release is South Africa’s first smartphone and tablet Continuing Professional Development (CPD) application, which we have developed for Medical Practice Consulting (MPC).

Some of the awesome features included in this application is a provision to record users’ attendance and corresponding CPD points for all CPD and all Continuing Medical Education (CME) events at no cost to the user. Healthcare professionals will also have access to the free MPC Healthcare Community at all times.

One of the key features in this app is the QR scanner which can read specific bar codes unique for each session within an event. This will speed up the attendance process as delegates simply have to point their phone at the printed QR code which will then record and sync the session attendance for that delegate automatically. According to our managing director, Nazeem Ebrahim, this app completes our commitment to service our client-base across the various ecosystems. “What is interesting about this app is that it uses QR codes which is becoming a widely accepted feature for identification and association,” adds Nazeem. This is a pivotal feature for the future as it has immense validation and verification potential… more »


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The belief that products should always be as easy to use as possible is a sacred cow of the tech world. The rise of design thinking, coinciding with beautiful new products like the iPhone, has led some to conclude that creating slick interfaces is a hallmark of great design. But, like all attempts to create absolute rules about how we should interact with technology, the law that design should always decrease the amount of effort users expend doesn’t always hold true. In fact, putting users to work is critical in creating products people love… more »

Google puts social twist on Ramadan traditions
Neha Prakash – Mashable (21 July 2012)

Google is making religion digital for the month of Ramadan with its launch of Islamic-geared YouTube channels and Google+ Hangouts.

For the duration of holy month – when practicing Muslims fast from dawn to sunset – a YouTube channel will broadcast live daily prayers from Mecca.

Another YouTube channel will be dedicated to special religious programming about Islam as well as Arabic soap operas. Google’s official blog reports the channel will make more than 50 Ramadan shows available the same day they air on television… more »

Science explains why we mourned for Steve Jobs
Killian Bell – Cult of Mac (13 July 2012)

Most of us never had the opportunity to meet Steve Jobs, but as Apple fans and users, we knew a lot about the company’s co-founder and former CEO. Even though we didn’t know him personally, we all felt an immense sense of loss when Jobs passed away last October.

In an effort to try to understand why Jobs’s death had such an affect on his fans, Dr. Andrew K. Przybylski from the University of Essex has conducted a three-part study that looks at how we felt connected to Jobs though his devices… more »

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18 July 2012

“It was immediately clear that @kishyr was extremely well versed in iOS to present the (CT) course.” …now for #AppDev training in Durbs.

17 July 2012

Just finished 3 days of great iOS advanced training by @akosma. Learned some very useful techniques to implement at @thetouchlab

26 July 2012

Adobe’s PhoneGap 2.0 makes building cross-platform apps easier

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