Only a few spots left for our app dev courses

It’s Spring and we’ve started to freshen things up a bit here at immedia headquarters. This month, we tidied up some of our apps, and also released versions for new ecosystems. We’re filling up the last few places for our October app dev training, so if you have that appy feeling, let us know and we’ll reserve your seat. As a student, you’re welcome to apply for bursaries, but remember: the criteria is stringent and the competition is fierce.

Digital design’s future


Our last round of training for the year is on the horizon, with just a few seats available and student bursary opportunities on offer. With October being the anniversary of our training initiative, we’re back on the road and spreading the app dev love around South Africa.

The objective of our training is to provide local developers with the skills and tools to infiltrate a booming market with credible and valuable knowledge. We aim to empower these individuals, paying particular attention to SA’s young, untapped talent in the hopes of allowing the world to take notice of what Africa has to offer.

Contact us to book your place. View the bursary criteria here.


Just shipped!


DStv Guide for Android tablet
Your ultimate guide to DStv is now available for Android tablets. Keep abreast of all the latest DStv highlights and news whilst managing your account. You can:

  • Set reminders on your Android Tablet for any show, movie or sporting event.
  • Search using any keywords, and get a preview of shows for the next ten days.
  • Share what you watch with your friends on social networks.




Moneyweb Now for BlackBerry


Moneyweb Talk for BlackBerry
The smartest and easiest way to access Moneyweb’s news streams, podcasts and radio shows… on the go and in the palm of your hand. You can:

  • Get the news as and when it happens.
  • Stream up-to-the-minute radio shows and podcasts from Moneyweb shows.
  • Hook your BlackBerry up to your favourite in-car connector for easy listening when on the move.




Let’s get ‘appdated

Download your update for these apps:

DStv Guide for iPad
DStv Guide for iPhone
SuperSport for Windows Phone

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Geek Patrol invites interested business leaders every month to touch base with them on the latest technical developments.

They also address the challenges which clients are facing in their work environments and assist them in managing as well as anticipating these dilemmas.

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App Dev Training

We’re hosting monthly 2-day App Dev Training sessions for anyone interested in learning how to create Smartphone and tablet apps, in Durban.


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16 September 2012

Good comparison between 3 flagship phones.

17 September 2012

RT @engadget: Google Apps to shed support for Internet Explorer 8, your Windows XP machine won’t cut it –

18 September 2012

You Can Download All 5 Of Apple’s Free iOS Apps With Just One Tap In iOS 6

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