Multinational partnership at forefront of app revolution

Whilst it might be the close of summer here in sunny Durbs, we have decided to start embracing the changing climates across the globe with our latest international partnership set to change the app dev learning sphere. Furthermore, we’ve recently launched the African Storybook website, featuring some of our latest iBooks. This month, we’re also celebrating the achievement of one of our up-and-coming designers as she entered an international design competition.

Multinational partnership at forefront of app revolution


We have recently intensified an already successful partnership, between ourselves and akosma software (Oron-le-ville, Switzerland). We are now pleased to announce with immediate effect, the establishment of a co-owned joint venture, akosma training that will replace these proud parent’s previous activities in the post-PC training and talent development space. What sets this training apart from others of its kind is a unique approach of craft transmission “by developers, for developers” thus providing delegates with training based on firsthand experience.

In March, our team will be travelling to Cape Town and Johannesburg, sharing our app dev education with a vast array of delegates. We’ve increased our offerings this year to include a few more tailored courses in order to cover greater educational gaps facing many developers and dev studios. akosma software’s founder, Adrian Kosmaczewski said, “We are extremely humbled and excited to launch this new venture in two hemispheres and two continents at once. We think that there are huge opportunities in the training space and that our approach is unique worldwide.”

Our new courses include an Android Beginners course and a Mobile App Testing course designed to provide developers with the skills to enhance their current products through a rigorous testing procedure. We also offer app audits to enterprise clients, training executives on how to build, grow and mentor an enterprise app dev team, and incubating their team with best practices, guidelines, and shared learnings. This session allows your dev team to troubleshoot their actual roadblocks with the trainer and fast-tracks your project to completion. As always, we will continue running customised courses so no matter what your group’s needs are, we can provide you with a solution, anywhere in the world. Slots are still available for our upcoming iOS Beginners (14-15 March) and iOS Advanced (13-15 March) 2013 courses in Johannesburg so don’t miss out on starting the new year with a brand new skill set.


A guided exploration through Africa


We have recently launched a brand new website for travel journalist and Carte Blanche producer, Angus Begg. Angus, the lead creative in our iBook initiative, has responded to the changing digital arena to provide his audience with a revamped website that showcases all his latest products and offerings in a responsive, mobile friendly website, encompassing the innovation of modern day web technology. With an award-winning repertoire in the travel and tourism industry, Angus together with ourselves can provide industry players with an iBook that can elevate the discovery of travel experiences and enhance the way potential guests interact with travel information. iBooks allow creatives to embrace the potential that the digital publishing world has to offer by allowing them to produce their own content in a quick, inexpensive way without having to face printing or distribution costs.

Angus allows you to discover Africa through engaging firsthand accounts of his journeys in the Storybook section. Here readers can learn about Africa’s people, culture and wildlife as well as some of the best places to experience this. He also shares his many service offerings as well as his rich history in the content production field. Readers can also share in his travels with a visually stunning gallery of shots that each tell their very own story. The website explores our partnership, providing readers with access to some of our recently published iBooks. To learn more about African Storybook, visit his website.

International competition awards our female designer


Adobe GoCreate recently awarded one of our talented young designers, Nirissa Govender with a 5-day course due to the volume of ratings her artwork received on their website. Adobe GoCreate runs an annual international creative contest with students and professionals who were granted the opportunity to win various creative suite products and training sessions. Over $80 000 in prizes were awarded last year with Nirissa winning a 5-day basic visual effects course training voucher for R9 500.

Nirissa joined our team almost five years ago and has proven that local talent is worth investing into. Having showcased her designs of our local and global products, Nirissa achieved a large number of ratings from her peers, who recognised her creativity and understanding of user interface. The artwork for AmaLotto for iPhone achieved the greatest number of ratings in 2012 in the mobile app category, sparking conversation around the app’s design and artwork specific to South Africa.





SA’s ultimate TV guide in the palm of your hands


DStv has further increased their digital portfolio by providing Windows Phone users with a comprehensive guide. We are quite proud of Matt Cavanagh and his Windows tribe, who developed this stellar app. The app like its fellow mobile platform counterparts allows you to access a fully searchable guide, featuring the latest highlights and news. Users can also view a full 10-day schedule and navigate through their favourite channels. This allows you to set reminders so you never have to worry about missing your favourite show or sport as well as that highly anticipated movie that everyone’s been talking about.

The live-tile feature allows you to pin your favourite channel to the start screen so you can easily see what’s currently showing without even having to open the app. One of the great features of this app is that it allows you to categorise your channels according to country, genre, DStv bouquet or a pre-defined favourite channel. Not only will you have access to all the latest entertainment news but you can also check out daily highlights and share what you’re planning on viewing with your friends and family on social networks. Now you can stay attuned to the latest and best that DStv has to offer by simply tapping a few keys on your phone.




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