It’s immedia’s birthday month

It’s immedia’s birthday month, and there’s been lots of cake at the Quarterdeck after the delivery of a few milestones. The SuperSport app becomes even more compelling with live video on Android and iOS, to the delight of users everywhere. DStv for iPad also had a good month, walking away with a Bronze award in the Tablet category at The Bookmarks 2013.

One off our Summer School students reviews this month’s new products – a brand new enterprise platform for financial solutions provider FMI, as well as a long-awaited launch of theCoffeeMag newsstand title – both proudly-Durban clients of the immedia ecosystem.

To end of the month, our team is looking forward to a well-deserved weekend away, after our special Family & Friends #OpenNight last night. The event was closed to the public this time, but do check out our tweets to keep updated.

Lastly, remember to speak to Geek Patrol for all your gadget gifting needs this year!

FMI@hand: a new service point for brokers


This month, the immedia ecosystem rolled out FMI@hand, a brand new online service point for financial advisors.

FMI, an Umhlanga-based financial services provider, provides Income Protection for self-employed individuals, working through independent financial advisors situated throughout the country.

FMI@hand is an online portal that empowers financial advisors to provide better service to existing and potential clients. Its real-time functionality streamlines the workflow between their remote advisors and their HQ-based telephonic support department.

Financial advisors are able to view client information, track applications, commission, claims, lapses and unpaid accounts from a computer, tablet or smartphone, giving them the ability to assist clients more effectively wherever they are.

FMI@hand is a great example of how post-PC solutions can be leveraged to improve an organisations internal processes, to enhance the way it does business.

TheCoffeeMag comes to iPad


In another first, the immedia ecosystem has published a Newsstand title for a local magazine. Initially created as a glossy magazine, TheCoffeeMag has quickly become a local favourite within the coffee community, celebrating South Africa’s burgeoning coffee culture.

Approached as a joint collaboration between immedia and Durban-based True North Media, the catalogue has seen a progression from static content in the initial editions, to video and crisper content in the more recent magazines.

Our team is looking forward to bringing many more of our great local content onto Apple’s Newsstand platform.


Watch the match on your iPhone or Android device – live!


You would have heard about SuperSport’s update to iPad in August but this month, we rolled out live streaming on iPhone and Android devices to the delight of dozens of smartphone users.

For the greater part of this year, our app dev team have been working diligently, together with our friends at DStv Online, to bring you live video on Android and iOS devices. The result is that, almost four years since version 1 was released, the third version delights with a brand new user interface that speaks to the iterations we’ve experienced in both the iOS and Android ecosystems in general.

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