The design of every website matters. If it looks good, it will surely draw users’ attention and make them visit your website more often. The website might be fully functional but if it doesn’t look good, there are more chances that most of users won’t even explore it to see what it does, plus the UI might be complicated for a user to access all of your site’s features. The look and feel of any application or website is as important as the reason why it was created.


User Interface (UI) design

The UI is mostly what the user see when interacting with any app or website, for example: icons, colours, text, images, the layout, … the list goes on. These days’ users use different devices with different specifications in terms of screen sizes, resolution, … you name it.


It is important to design a responsive website, meaning, your website should look as if it was designed specifically for any device it is been run on. Also, make use of animations to draw users attention to certain parts of your website, for example, if you have added a new feature to your website, you can make the button that navigates to it change colours or have movements. I know it may sound like a lot of work but no, it’s not.


Don’t reinvent the wheel 

With the use of libraries like Bootstrap and JQuery, you can archive all that with minimal effort. Do not re-invent the wheel, trying to solve the problem that’s already been solved, just use the libraries. NOTE: Too much animations might be destructive to the user.  Bootstrap for responsiveness and making your website look good and JQuery for animations. You can also get some cool animation at


Creativity vs Consistency

Lastly, put some creativity to your work to bring that cool or wow feeling to your users. You can be as more creative as you want but make sure you don’t go against fundamental design principles. Your websites must also have consistency to ensure that they are easy to learn and navigate through.

Colour consistency is just as important. A website lacking colour consistency might get your user confused and not knowing whether they are still on the same website or they have been redirected to an external website.