We are looking for product owners to co-create outcomes that delight our clients and build pride within our broader teams for the great work we do.


the things we do

We create outcomes for long-term partners who expect real-time service delivery from any of our teams across a broad landscape of technology challenges.

For the kinds of clients we love working with, the ability to adapt to change according to the real-time behaviour of their customers and to empower their teams to create more impact is becoming more and more crucial.

As the people who empower them, we in turn have to rethink how to be of service to our fast moving clients by ‘sensing and responding’ in close collaboration with them, instead of being busy with ‘planning and predicting’ away from our client’s view.

We’ve found that the best way to adapt to changing demands whilst still creating useful outcomes is to work within the Agile Scrum framework, which allows us to:

  • give and collect fast feedback from the people impacted;
  • ship features in a shorter time to market;
  • continuously connect cost with result and thereby offer a reduced risk for our clients; and
  • produce in a focussed way of delivery towards working and tested products.

But in general, our approach to client delivery is to be reasonable but ambitious, and prior experience in Scrum is not a necessity.



  • An entrepreneurial mindset and approach to solving problems;
  • Experience in delivering software using an agile approach, preferably Scrum;
  • A willingness to become adept at the various tools and applications that empower the team’s outcomes;
  • The ability to say ‘No’ – because your ‘Yes’ is a real commitment;
  • An awareness of the web and app creation industry, and an inherent interest in the issues that we deal with as technology professionals;
  • An inherent belief that transformation in our industry and our country is necessary, and that it requires you to play an active role everyday in creating an equitable and inclusive community.

We know we ask a lot. We do that deliberately because we know you can learn, even if you have not yet mastered all these skills.

For immedia, the ideal product owner works everyday at deriving a clearer understanding of our evolving vision, has a passion for co-creation with stakeholders of all shapes and sizes, and demonstrates a determination in delivering useful and beautiful things for real people.

And, for those with the courageous and open-hearted spirit required, we will work with you to teach you how.



  • Continuously create, passionately convince others about, and maintain the proper backlog for the team.
  • Accept huge, uncharted challenges and create buy-in amongst others in collectively solving those problems.
  • Own and define the product objectives, key results, roadmap and story-telling for the products you take on.
  • Focus fully on the delivery of results that are valuable for customers and respectful of a client’s budget.
  • Urge your team and yourself to continually improve by providing and asking for continuous and transparent feedback.
  • Be entirely accountable for your commitments.



  • Durban, KwaZulu-Natal


to apply, email the following information to us:

  • Full CV.
  • Reference details from your direct leads at your 2 most recent places of employment.
  • Include your expected salary and your notice period.