There’s a quiet revolution happening in broadcasting

State of Disaster – Coronavirus and immedia response

We are going through necessary challenges of growth and maturing and the National State of Disaster will be a further test to us to navigate as a business.

Radio in the age of Coronavirus

During the coming hunger for trusted information and community support and resilience, because of its real-time, human and curated nature, radio will find a new relevance against the digital platforms.

[2012 trends] Your friend is literally the trend

Here are the trends to look out for in 2012, as predicted by our founder and lead strategist, Anice. On the trailing edge, we’ll mark the final death of primetime, and on the leading edge – we’ll watch Africa take its place on the global app stage.

The app vs. mobi debate – it’s not up for discussion.

The debate’s over. We’re living in the time between times, between what was and what will be. You know, like when you went “Mom, get a mobile!” In a similar way an app is coming to entice your target market away, no matter what industry or discipline you are in, so best you get to understand the medium…

immedia newsletter: November 2010

It seems that in no time at all, everyone will be dealing in the fast-growing currency of apps. Proof of this, is the handful of visionary clients who already appreciate the power of the App, including Computicket who we’ve worked with, to create the ticketing specialist’s first iPhone App.

immedia newsletter: October 2010

In tandem with the local launch of the iPhone 4, we focus on a number of issues surrounding this worldwide phenomenon. We also feature a fascinating piece by immedia Head Strategist Anice Hassim on FaceTime that has got everyone talking well…face-to-face!

Why Africa should prepare for smart phones… and Apple rising!

Somewhere between being different and expensive, Apple has become cool AND cheap. Reading and watching coverage of the Apple iPad and iPhone 4 launch in China last month, I couldn’t help being struck by what a difference a year made.