immedia newsletter: February 2013

Whilst it might be the close of summer here in sunny Durbs, we have decided to start embracing the changing climates across the globe with our latest international partnership set to change the app dev learning sphere. Furthermore, we’ve recently launched the African Storybook website, featuring some of our latest iBooks.

immedia newsletter: December 2011

Here’s a look back at what we’ve done which we hope will also whet your appetite, in terms of just how much more there is to come!

Girl power reigns supreme in African app development!

The brand new AmaLotto app is the latest creation of a fresh new, all-girl team – made for Africans, by Africans.

immedia newsletter: May 2011

This month has already seen the launch of the Computicket iPad app in the App Store as well as the first, all-girl developed iPhone app – AmaLotto. And it’s this kind of ground-breaking work that’s rapidly positioning immedia at the epicentre of a group of companies spearheading a new revolution at ‘Silicon Beach’.

Play the Lotto on your iPhone

Smartphone and iPad apps are fast becoming a unit of currency in the digital world with Durban currently serving as a hotbed for their development. Now it seems that the girls may just be spearheading their very own ‘revolution at the beach’.