SuperSport tops the App Store charts

The Apple App Store has just released their annual lists of the best apps – and the SuperSport app has been proudly featured in both the Streaming and Sports categories.

immedia Newsletter: September 2013

It’s been a busy month for the folks at Apple, having just unveiled their new line of iPhones and released iOS 7 to the public. Back home, our team have been busy getting your favourite apps compatible with iOS 7 so that you can get the full impact of Apple’s vivid facelift for your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch

immedia Newsletter: August 2013

Building upon an unexpected win at the NSTF awards last month, another of the immedia ecosystem’s products has won acclaim at this year’s MTN App of the Year Awards.

immedia newsletter: March – April 2013

This month, we’ll give you a rundown of our March and April #OpenNights which is gaining significant popularity among Silicon Beach attendees.

immedia newsletter: February 2013

Whilst it might be the close of summer here in sunny Durbs, we have decided to start embracing the changing climates across the globe with our latest international partnership set to change the app dev learning sphere. Furthermore, we’ve recently launched the African Storybook website, featuring some of our latest iBooks.

immedia newsletter: October 2012

It’s been an exciting month here at immedia HQ as we took some time to update a number of your favourite apps across all platforms, and embraced different cultures with the creation of Lausanne Cathedral for Android.

immedia newsletter: September 2012

We’re filling up the last few places for our October app dev training, so if you have that appy feeling, let us know and we’ll reserve your seat. As a student, you’re welcome to apply for bursaries, but remember: the criteria is stringent and the competition is fierce.

immedia newsletter: February 2012

The fact that January is already a distant memory means 2012 has begun like most years – with a bang! That’s also the case here at immedia HQ, where we’ve already released our latest QuickCV and DStv Guide Android apps into the App Store!

immedia newsletter: December 2011

Here’s a look back at what we’ve done which we hope will also whet your appetite, in terms of just how much more there is to come!

immedia newsletter: November 2011

It seems South African developers are gearing up to produce locally-flavoured apps at a global quality, and immedia’s making sure they have all the tools and support they need.

DStv’s new iPad TV Guide is cross-continental

The iPad app version of DStv’s TV Guide has landed on our shores and it makes paging through a magazine for the very same information seem almost… outdated…

immedia newsletter: February 2011

Of great interest is an article on the rumoured development of the iPad 2, which will reportedly be “thinner and lighter than the first model and will also include a front-facing camera for video conferencing, more memory, and a more powerful graphics processor.”