HarmonyOS and the future of mobile app development

Huawei has not had an easy time trying to recover from their recent ban in the United States. Since then, Huawei announced their very own distributed operating system, HarmonyOS, for which they have shared detailed plans to release it on all their devices, from smartphones and laptops, to smart TVs and even in your cars.

What does it mean to be ‘of service’?

The previous era of technology reduced people to a “number”, to a “resource”, to a “demographic”.
Today, we know we can do better. We know it in our hearts and souls even if we do not know exactly how.

Agencies – big, small you can have them all!

Despite a rapidly evolving post-PC marketplace, many clients continue to be distracted by the need to keep up with the Joneses and consider the image of their agency of choice, as opposed to its core competencies.

There’s a new style agency in town!

Establishing an app dev studio in South Africa is challenging, no matter what the resources you have at your disposal. It really is time for the media industry to stop living in denial.

immedia newsletter: March 2011

This month has seen a sea of changes at immedia with a shift in management, accompanied by a number of other key strategic promotions and appointments within the company.

The thieves are at the temple and old media is fast asleep!

Now that Rupert Murdoch has made the first foray into tablet publishing with the launch of The Daily iPad newspaper, immedia CEO Anice Hassim says there’s an angle many local commentators are neglecting.

Why Africa should prepare for smart phones… and Apple rising!

Somewhere between being different and expensive, Apple has become cool AND cheap. Reading and watching coverage of the Apple iPad and iPhone 4 launch in China last month, I couldn’t help being struck by what a difference a year made.