livestream: Google I/O 2017

Come join us on 17 May to watch the next iteration of Google’s software, services and devices.

livestream: Google I/O 2016

Come join us on 18 and 19 May to watch the next iteration for Google’s software, services and devices.

Unpacking Google I/O #OpenNight

Google has recently made several big announcements, revealing their latest developments and innovations at Google I/O. Our next #OpenNight will unpack this for those who missed it or would like greater clarity on the implications of these developments.

Google I/O Extended Screening

We would like to invite Silicon Beach’s growing dev community to join us at a live streaming of Google I/O extended where you can join other devs in experiencing Google’s latest developments.

Google lays down the gauntlet

In an unexpected but incredibly shrewd move, search giant engine Google has acquired Motorola’s mobile phone business for a whopping $12.5b-billion in a watershed deal that has brought Google right back into the heart of the Smartphone war.