The Death of My Java Blanky

When something is done a particular way over a period and it yields desired results, it must be a good way of doing things, right? Why change, there’s no reason to fix what’s not broken. Why switch to renewable energy, dial-up to fibre, or Java to Kotlin?

But stop for a moment and consider the type of world we’d be living in today had there been no change.

UI/UX Libraries that will take your Android project to the next level in 2021

Wondering which libraries to explore to grow your app’s audience? Here is a collection of my favourite libraries to enhance any Android app experience.

Skills to learn in order to become a successful Android developer

Android is a vast and dynamic ecosystem and you could spend weeks learning about specific tools or concepts, only to discover that what you learnt either isn’t as important, or shouldn’t be used anymore. In this post, I share the list of skills that I think Android developers should learn in the hopes that these will help you to concentrate your efforts on the important stuff.

livestream: Google I/O 2017

Come join us on 17 May to watch the next iteration of Google’s software, services and devices.

Android Material design tips

At Open Night, I presented design tips for developers who would like to create great Android apps.

Firebase – Google Launchpad Build event

Thabiso shares his learnings Firebase learnings from Google’s first South African Launchpad Build event.

livestream: Google I/O 2016

Come join us on 18 and 19 May to watch the next iteration for Google’s software, services and devices.

Unpacking Google I/O #OpenNight

Google has recently made several big announcements, revealing their latest developments and innovations at Google I/O. Our next #OpenNight will unpack this for those who missed it or would like greater clarity on the implications of these developments.

Google I/O Extended Screening

We would like to invite Silicon Beach’s growing dev community to join us at a live streaming of Google I/O extended where you can join other devs in experiencing Google’s latest developments.

immedia newsletter: August 2011

Writing in our lead story immedia CEO Anice Hassim describes Google’s acquisition of Motorola as a daring and uncharacteristic move and says it certainly means game on in the Smartphone war currently playing out on the global stage.

Google lays down the gauntlet

In an unexpected but incredibly shrewd move, search giant engine Google has acquired Motorola’s mobile phone business for a whopping $12.5b-billion in a watershed deal that has brought Google right back into the heart of the Smartphone war.