Debugging in Xcode

We all love the good old trusty ‘print()’ statement but Xcode is a powerful IDE with many amazing advanced debugging tools that can help you in numerous ways! In this post I will show you the ones that a successful … Continue Reading

Xcode Tips and Tricks

In this post, I will show you some pretty neat and efficient tricks I’ve learned using the Xcode IDE which can help speed up your daily iOS development.

SuperSport tops the App Store charts

The Apple App Store has just released their annual lists of the best apps – and the SuperSport app has been proudly featured in both the Streaming and Sports categories.

Introduction to Drag & Drop

With the release of iOS11 around the corner, read my intro on how to build drag and drop support into your apps.

iOS Design Tips for Developers

Passing Apple’s specific UI requirements can be tough so here are a few tips to help design your iOS development projects.

Thoughts on the App Store

Will Phil Schiller taking over responsibility for the App Store help fix it?

Should we even bother with 3D Touch? (and thoughts on the iPhone 6s)

Apple is selling 3D Touch (very) hard, but the inconsistent implementation across apps is a big problem. That, and we’ve arguably just scratched the surface of what should be possible.

livestream: Apple Special Event September 2015

Sign up to watch this month’s Apple Special Event live with us on 9 September, and hear firsthand what Apple has in store.

Play the Lotto on your iPhone

Smartphone and iPad apps are fast becoming a unit of currency in the digital world with Durban currently serving as a hotbed for their development. Now it seems that the girls may just be spearheading their very own ‘revolution at the beach’.

immedia newsletter: October 2010

In tandem with the local launch of the iPhone 4, we focus on a number of issues surrounding this worldwide phenomenon. We also feature a fascinating piece by immedia Head Strategist Anice Hassim on FaceTime that has got everyone talking well…face-to-face!

How FaceTime changes everything

Last month Apple updated its line of iPods with the “iPhone without the telco” version of the iPod Touch, complete with Retina Display and more interestingly, FaceTime. Having spent almost six months on a Wi-Fi only iPad, I was anticipating that the FaceTime feature would be more useful than most were expecting.

immedia newsletter: September 2010

Bright new beginnings are what Spring is all about but they’re also what’s driving immedia right now as our new office space takes shape on the crest of one of Durban’s hottest locations: Ridgeside. September also marks the local launch of the new Apple iPhone 4 that’ll be available from the end of the month.