immedia recognised as Microsoft Gold Partner for Cloud Platform solutions

The immedia ecosystem, a Durban-based Microsoft Gold Partner, announced today that it has earned its third gold competency in Cloud Platform. This Gold competency represents the highest level of expertise within Microsoft solutions and further validates immedia’s growth as one of … Continue Reading

What does it mean to be ‘of service’?

The previous era of technology reduced people to a “number”, to a “resource”, to a “demographic”.
Today, we know we can do better. We know it in our hearts and souls even if we do not know exactly how.

Agencies – big, small you can have them all!

Despite a rapidly evolving post-PC marketplace, many clients continue to be distracted by the need to keep up with the Joneses and consider the image of their agency of choice, as opposed to its core competencies.

[2012 trends] Your friend is literally the trend

Here are the trends to look out for in 2012, as predicted by our founder and lead strategist, Anice. On the trailing edge, we’ll mark the final death of primetime, and on the leading edge – we’ll watch Africa take its place on the global app stage.

View from the Top Vol. 1 Episode 6 – Kanthan Pillay

It is 3 am on 6 June 2011 in San Francisco, California. Down the road at Moscone Center, hundreds of pilgrims have been camped out on the sidewalk since around 8 pm yesterday.

The thieves are at the temple and old media is fast asleep!

Now that Rupert Murdoch has made the first foray into tablet publishing with the launch of The Daily iPad newspaper, immedia CEO Anice Hassim says there’s an angle many local commentators are neglecting.

Express yourself!

immedia Head Strategist Anice Hassim says forget about media convergence, it’s all about expression convergence, if you want to stay in touch with what’s really going on in consumers’ heads…

Newsweek’s Take on the iPad

A recent article in Newsweek magazine says the iPad will change the way you use computers, read books, and watch TV – as long as you’re willing to do it the Steve Jobs way…