immedia recognised as Microsoft Gold Partner for Cloud Platform solutions

The immedia ecosystem, a Durban-based Microsoft Gold Partner, announced today that it has earned its third gold competency in Cloud Platform. This Gold competency represents the highest level of expertise within Microsoft solutions and further validates immedia’s growth as one of … Continue Reading

What is holding us back from becoming insight driven in our approach to business?

Modern radio could be so much more

Of all of the media types that have been disrupted by technology over the past decade or two, radio is unique in its ability to claim a relevance and even lead the way to the future. If only we would … Continue Reading

immedia newsletter: October 2012

It’s been an exciting month here at immedia HQ as we took some time to update a number of your favourite apps across all platforms, and embraced different cultures with the creation of Lausanne Cathedral for Android.

immedia newsletter: May 2012

Our team has been making its way around the country, collaborating and exchanging ideas with South Africa’s diversely talented students, tourism gurus and media experts.

immedia newsletter: April 2012

April’s been an inspiring month at immedia with the team venturing into several new projects and solidly immersing themselves in the South African digital sphere.

immedia newsletter: March 2012

This month, we’ve launched the Mount Edgecombe Estate website, had one of our developers join Vodacom in presenting App Dev to DUT students, and we ready ourselves for another round of App Dev Training.

Agencies – big, small you can have them all!

Despite a rapidly evolving post-PC marketplace, many clients continue to be distracted by the need to keep up with the Joneses and consider the image of their agency of choice, as opposed to its core competencies.

immedia newsletter: November 2011

It seems South African developers are gearing up to produce locally-flavoured apps at a global quality, and immedia’s making sure they have all the tools and support they need.

Steve Jobs: a “ding in the universe”

Just after legendary Apple founder Steve Jobs passed away earlier this month, immedia CEO Anice Hassim wrote a tribute to the icon from an African point-of-view.

immedia blazes a trail at mLab launch

Proof of immedia’s trailblazing achievements within South Africa’s mobile market, was our attendance at the recent launch of the first mLab in Southern Africa which aims to boost the growth of mobile applications throughout southern Africa by providing services and support to mobile developers, innovators and entrepreneurs.

Is your digital agency about thought creation or regurgitation?

Are you surrounded by talkers or doers when it comes to getting into the digital space? You may know the type that just sits there pontificating about this that or the other but when push comes to shove, doesn’t deliver the goods. We definitely know them; hell we’ve even had to work with them from time to time but immedia CEO Anice Hassim says it’s time to embrace a breath of fresh new digital air…