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immedia newsletter: February 2013

Whilst it might be the close of summer here in sunny Durbs, we have decided to start embracing the changing climates across the globe with our latest international partnership set to change the app dev learning sphere. Furthermore, we’ve recently launched the African Storybook website, featuring some of our latest iBooks.

immedia newsletter: October 2012

It’s been an exciting month here at immedia HQ as we took some time to update a number of your favourite apps across all platforms, and embraced different cultures with the creation of Lausanne Cathedral for Android.

immedia newsletter: September 2012

We’re filling up the last few places for our October app dev training, so if you have that appy feeling, let us know and we’ll reserve your seat. As a student, you’re welcome to apply for bursaries, but remember: the criteria is stringent and the competition is fierce.

immedia newsletter: July 2012

This month, our team joined local and international IT organisations to bring top-notch App Dev training to various parts of the country with special bursary offers for SA’s future developers.

Bursaries for Building Apps in South Africa

immedia newsletter: June 2012

In this month’s newsletter, we’ll be joining our Apple fanboys/girls on their post-PC pilgrimage and sharing with you our latest app dev training developments.

immedia newsletter: November 2011

It seems South African developers are gearing up to produce locally-flavoured apps at a global quality, and immedia’s making sure they have all the tools and support they need.

Local App Dev courses pick up speed

South Africa’s app dev industry is currently receiving a major boost from a series of immedia training courses aimed at aspiring beginner and advanced developers. Evidence of the hunger for quality app dev training in the country is that the first course – held in partnership with mLab at its brand new Pretoria facility – was sold out…

immedia newsletter: September 2011

In this month’s issue, immedia CEO Anice Hassim tells us how all too often he comes into contact with clients who’ve been burned by agencies intent on talking, but not walking the ‘digital path’. Are you surrounded by talkers or doers when it comes to getting into the digital space?

immedia newsletter: July 2011

immedia is committed to positioning Africa as the global epicentre for app development, complete with a set of rich African values that tell the world exactly what we’re about in an elegant, innovative manner. This, as our CEO Anice Hassim says in his column, is a significant position to be in, given that global app downloads are running above 31-million per day.

International insight & training raises our development bar

What started off as a chance encounter between immedia Founder Anice Hassim, Head Developer Kishyr Ramdial and Swiss based iOS specialist Adrian Kosmaczewski in the mind numbingly long queue at the launch of the iPad in New York in April last year and a subsequent interaction during the FIFA 2010 World Cup, has turned into a mutually beneficial relationship that’s set to go from strength to strength.