In the rush to be first with WWDC ‘news’, everyone‘s missing the point

I should’ve had a blog post up with ‘analysis’ and ‘opinion’ just after the WWDC keynote… I didn’t. Here’s why.

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On Monday, 13 June, join us as we livestream the keynote event from Apple’s WWDC.

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28 Hours later and we are here

Grab ye ale and huddle around your nearest heat source as this bard recounts a tail of 3 photogenic adventurers…

Thoughts on the Apple Watch

What is it most useful for? Should you get one? Some ideas, after wearing one for a month…

T minus 48 hours to lift off

“hmmmm… 48 hours sounds a lot closer than 2 days for some reason…”

These are the thoughts that run through my head as I haul out my suitcase. The time has finally come to start the dreaded packing…

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immedia Newsletter: June 2013

It’s the season of snug reading underneath the covers. What better way to do this than from your iPad? We’ve recently produced a collection of interactive children’s stories to captivate your kids’ imaginations.

immedia newsletter: June 2012

In this month’s newsletter, we’ll be joining our Apple fanboys/girls on their post-PC pilgrimage and sharing with you our latest app dev training developments.

immedia newsletter: May 2012

Our team has been making its way around the country, collaborating and exchanging ideas with South Africa’s diversely talented students, tourism gurus and media experts.

Open Night Highlights – March 2012

March’s Open Night draws Durban’s digital ninjas