Now that we’ve made the long anticipated big move into our new building we thought you might like a tour of the interior which we designed ourselves. Our thinking was that we design everything for our clients ourselves, so why not our new building?

1250immedia CEO Anice Hassim says; “Our new office proves that you can be a San Francisco – style startup with all the passion, innovation and creativity associated with that kind of concern but in a better city with a better climate!” The key thing behind the new immedia office’s look and feel is the synergistic approach to the layout of the office space. The idea is for there to be no hierarchal divide underpinned by hard walls and a lack of integrated or shared spaces.

“We’ve striven for a seamless, transparent outer rim of front offices anchored by an inner core studio space which also has access to our inspiring 180 degree view of the ocean. These are complemented by a staff lounge for chilling out, decks to congregate and enjoy the spectacular location but most of all, get the creative juices flowing,” explains Anice.


Among many clever innovations that really make the new space uniquely immedia, is that staff have the ability to upload photos of what’s happening in and around the office in real time, on to screens around the office. The new office space also pays homage to the evolution of the Apple brand with first model iPods, Macs and other original Apple devices decorating various key areas such as reception. These are complemented by a collection of original PC magazines that offer a fascinating window on to what we thought the world would be like in 20 years time! Various departments have also chosen wallpaper for their particular space around the theme of ‘Our Heroes’. For example, in the studio area the team has chosen to include an image of Steve Jobs and for a little bit of inspirational eye candy – Angelina Jolie! In the bar area, it’s Bob Marley and the Beatles.

FYI! We’re still deciding on a suitable date for our roof whetting and will keep you informed but we always have an open door policy so feel free to pop round before that  and enjoy a cup of coffee in our staff lounge or a drink on the deck!